It turns out that many of the interests of airlines are generated from "extra charges" such as baggage and dissatisfaction of users is expanding


In fact, about 7.1 billion dollars (about 800 billion yen) of sales sold by American airlines in 2016 are due to additional charges such as "seat designated fee" and "baggage bring-in fee" It is clarified in the investigation of the institution. Often this fee is not properly explained to the user, and many of the passengers are getting frustrated.

U.S. GAO - Commercial Aviation: Information on Airline Fees for Optional Services

As airline revenue from extra fees increase, so does consumer ire - The Washington Post

According to the contents announced by US Government Accountability Office (GAO) of the US government related agencies, the American airlines companies are constructing huge sales from the additional costs collected from the customers in various items It exists. In a price competition that mainly favors LCC (cheap airline), an additional fee structure separated from the ticket main body fee is escalated, and additional charges are collected so that passengers are dissatisfied It has also been made clear that it has fallen into.

One such example is the fee collected as "baggage carry-in fee". This is a fee for baggage exceeding specified baggageNotIt is also charged to all baggage to be brought in when you board your plane, so you can collect $ 25 (about 3000 yen) per baggage. As it is no longer necessary to take an airplane by hand in order to avoid this fee, it seems that some passengers are complaining of strong complaints. This is also a measure to keep the price of the ticket down, but there is no reason for the voice to be overkill.


Furthermore, the fact that it has become a source of dissatisfaction is that there are even cases in which the ultimate payment fee exceeds the fee of a general airline despite having chosen LCC to hold down costs exactly . Of course, when using LCC, it is always to use it after understanding such merit and demerit, but depending on the booking site of the airline, such extra fee may be very difficult to understand " It is said that a malicious case that "It is hidden" can be seen.

According to the survey results published by UserTesting, I will give you an overview of the real name of the airline company. Although each company has marked low points on the online reservation field, while Southwest Airlines, which is said to have high customer satisfaction, has a high score, while Spirit Airlines, which is not well-known for its reputation, It was the lowest in the rankings.

Airline Customer Experience Index: September 2017

There is also a present condition that such a fee is difficult to be clarified at the comparison site of the ticket ticket fee, and each company operating the comparison site is also calling for improvement. In 2011, the US Department of Transportation announces regulations calling on airlines to specify information on additional charges on the website, but airlines have launched measures to make prices less obvious after that He said he is promoting efforts to overcome low price competition. It is said that the Ministry of Transport, which did not see the situation, is now considering a new regulation that obliges all the sales channels provided by airlines to display the existence of additional charges in an easy-to-understand manner.

Meanwhile, some voices have been criticized by the government to intervene in free competition among airlines, and the bargaining that weighed on "consumer protection" and "free economy" is not easy. However, it is interesting to see how each company's response will be, as dissatisfaction is swirling among users who pay the ticket fee at the bottom.

ByEvan Didier

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