Movie as if you wander into the planet from the world of Star Wars and blow through the city with a speeder bike

On December 15, 2017, the series's latest work "Star Wars / The Last Jedi"Star Wars is also a work that appeared various attractive vehicles such as X Wing, TIE Fighter, Millennium Falcon, Pod Racer and others. Speeder and motorbikes are also one of the rides that appear in Star Wars such a movie, making this by yourself, a movie that explodes in the streets as a costumes to Halloween is released, and while the completion of the movie is going on, It has become worth a look at plenty of attention from.

Halloween Levitating Star Wars Speeder Costume - YouTube

Movie starts from the inside of town

A couple of men and women who appeared in costumes that make the scene where Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia cross the speeder bike in the planet of the forest.

I do not know the identity of imaichi whether they are motorcycles or what they are on.

Looking from behind like this. Because the tire can not be seen, it is hard to understand whether the two people are straddling bikes, bicycles or other vehicles ......

From the side, you can see that the two people are undoubtedly a speeder bike. It seems that the motorcycle is remodeled as a speeder bike style, and it is devised so that the tire can not be seen by attaching a mirror like reflection plate to the tire part.

People who noticed a speeder bike that blows through the streets. "Star Wars Episode 6 / Return of the JediIt seems as if one scene of "is reproduced in front of you, it seems to be chasing with a close eye.

Looking like this from the front.

Running alongside ordinary automobiles and buses is only uncomfortable.

People who go along will smile without thinking about disguise as if they came out from the Star Wars world.

While taking a speeder bike, taking a self-shooting stick to shoot a movie, it shows off to the rough technique.

From young people applause applause crawls.

People appearing on the screen shoot the speeder bike with the camera, are delighted, are chasing the costume with eyes, and it will be informed that two people and one gathering attention.

Some also jump on the barrel of a speeder bike with a bicycle.

Two people who ride on a speeder bike with the all you want to do like racing along with such a rider.

The uncle who is transmitted from the whole body that things that will love Star Wars are also photographed enthusiastically with speed camera bike.

Two people to keep the line of sight in the streets.

There, Scout · trooper who was taking a break while devouring fried chicken appeared.

I will chase the two speeder bikes.

Three people who fly dead heat with a speeder bike though it is low speed.

The appearance of Scout · Trooper makes the tension of the people inside the city even more explosive.

The reflector is hiding the tire well and the two speeder bikes are as if they are floating in the air.

Meanwhile, a single woman who caught a speeder bike in hitchhiker sense appeared. This is the Captain of the Inferno CorpsIden VersioCosplay.

Slowly and safely straddling the Scout Trooper's speeder bike and entering the motorcycle chase.

In the state of the dead heat by the speeder bike ... ...

Some people are excited enough to pull back.

However, the dead heat with two speeder bikes cease to end.

It was suspended by a masked police car, and it took on a body check.

At the end, the scout trooper gets on the speeder bike and the movie ends with the scene shouting "Happy Halloween!" While escaping from the police.

I do not know how far they are and how they are walking in real town from where they are from, but everyone who takes in the camera has been deprived of the line of sight by the speeder bike, shooting with a camera or getting excited a thousand It is a different movie showing different reactions and it is a movie that can understand how many people love Star Wars.

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