Facebook posting of "Russian Gate" involved in Russia in the US presidential election, 126 million people reach, Tweet is 131 thousand · Over 1000 videos on YouTube

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About the presidential election held in 2016Suspected interference by RussiaThere is "Russian gate"Investigation is being carried out called called. In this process, Facebook posted 126 million people to make a groove in American public opinion, 131,000 tweets were done on Twitter, more than 1000 videos were uploaded to YouTube I know that it is.

◆ Google
Security and disinformation in the U. S. 2016 election

Security and disinformation in the U. S. 2016 election: What we found
(PDF file)https://blog.google/documents/6/google_US2016election_findings.pdf

Google publishes the findings on its own. According to this article, during the US presidential election in 2016, based in St. Petersburg, Russia "Internet Research AgencyI found out that the account associated with the company spent $ 4,700 on Google search and advertising (about 530,000 yen). The Internet Research Agency said that "Russia and Ukraine have become tense in 2014"Crimean crisisAs a company that developed activities using the Internet to form public opinionNamed after Buzzfeedis.

We also found 18 channels on YouTube that deliver video with similar intent. The total number of images including 1108 books / 43 hours, including things like "personal travel record" unrelated to politics, was said to have been from the United States from June 2015 to November 2016 It was seen 300 thousand times. However, the viewing frequency of most images was extremely small, and those that were seen more than 5000 times were about 3% of the whole. Google has frozen these channels.

In Gmail, evidence was found that the campaign and related accounts used other platforms, and information was shared with other companies.

In addition, Google search · Google News did not find artificial ranking operation, and Google + did not have any accounts related to campaign related posts.

◆ Facebook
On Facebook's findings, Choline · Stretch lawyer, who is in charge of legal affairs, is to report at the hearing of the Senate Judic Subcommittee on Tuesday, October 31, 2017, including the New York Times, Recode, The Verge, etc. It reports on the contents.

Russian Influence Reached 126 Million Through Facebook Alone - The New York Times

Facebook says 126 million people in the U.S. may have seen posts produced by Russian-government-backed agents - Recode

Russia's election posts reached 126 million people, Facebook will tell Congress - The Verge

According to this information, more than 80,000 posts are made on Facebook with the Internet Research Agency and related accounts, 29 million people browse directly between January 2015 and August 2017. The number of people who saw that including those spread by market share is as many as 126 million people.

Also, Instagram has deletion of 170 accounts that had posted 120,000 posts. Stretch lawyers do not clarify the number how much information on Instagram has spread.

◆ Twitter
Similarly for Twitter, the content of materials for hearing has been reported. On Twitter, between September 2016 and November 2016, more than 2,700 accounts related to Internet Reseach Agency were found and 13 thousand tweets were made. Twitter is freezing these accounts.

Also, it seems that it is not related to Internet Reseach Agency, and more than 36,000 bot accounts which had 1.8 million related tweets related to Russia during the above period were also found. These tweets collected a total of 288 million views. By the way, the number "1.4 million cases" seems to be 0.3% of the whole election related tweets during this period.

Regarding "Russian Gate", Rick Gates, a business partner of Paul Manafort and Mana Fort who was the head of the election campaign of the trump camp, George Papadopoulos, who was a foreign policy adviser in 2017 10 It is prosecuted on Friday 27th (Friday).

Three prosecutors including Mr. Trump 's former selection director, special prosecutor' s alleged investigation of Russia - Bloomberg

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