In order to raise awareness of bullying, Burger King conducted an attempt to "provide clerks with crushed wappers"

I do not know the moment when I heard what "Bullying" and "Clerk Collapsing Wapper" have, but this does not mean "bullying being done in the store" and "collapsed Wapper" It is an experiment of how much people can notice what you can see. The result was very strict.

BURGER KING | Bullying Jr. - YouTube

Bullying done inside the Burger King shop. To the end, it is a play with an actor.

However, the real customers are around.

The reaction is various. People who look away do not know what to watch.

The boy being bullied was dropped from the chair.

A man staring at the situation.

Unnamed: By the way, inside the kitchen.

The clerk glanced carefully ......

Punish one punch on the whipper.

Of course the Wapper will be shabby, but gather the ingredients together ......

I am planning to release it as a completed one.

When I open the wrapper's wrapper paper at the table, this terrible state.

I understand the feeling of wearing eyeglasses unintentionally.

Go to the checkout counter while looking at the wapper with your eyes seeing incredible things. In the table next to the boy boys continue to be harassed.

This men also looked stunned at the moment of opening the package.

As you can see, 95% of the visitors who got crushed wappers noticed and came to complain.

On the other hand, if it says "12%", what percentage of those who noticed the bullying in the store and called out.

This woman shook hands with a boy who was bullying and let it escape.

In the same way, a man who helped to oppose the bullied boy.

The woman was talking with the child who was being bullied after the bully who had been bullied passed away.

Every year in the world, 30% of students are encountering "bullying", and in Burger King to raise awareness of bullying this time "Bullying Jr.It is said that the campaign was carried out.

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