The identity of a celestial body turning around the earth like a "second moon" is revealed

Celestial bodies discovered in 2016 "2016 HO 3The identity of "It became clear. This celestial body could be said to be "the moon of Nancychte" circling around the earth like a moon, but it is an "asteroid" that is not an artifact due to the composition of the surface and its rotation cycle It was confirmed.

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2016 Research on HO 3 was conducted by a research team of Associate Professor Vishnu Lady of Arizona University. The existence of the celestial bodies themselves became clear in 2016 and I knew that the size was in the range of about 30 meters to 100 meters, but what kind of object actually is the object is clearly It was not confirmed. As a result, it was thought that it was actually a rocket engine launched by humans, not an asteroid, but it was confirmed that this asteroid is composed of substances similar to other asteroids in this survey It is.

"Month of Nancher" is derived from a place like exercising around the earth like a mouth like a moon as shown in the following movie. 2016 HO 3 has almost the same orbital orbit and revolution cycle as EarthAround the sunIt is an asteroid, but because its orbit crosses the orbit of the Earth, it is sometimes located somewhere between the sun and the Earth, and somewhat further than the Earth. If you look at the following movie that drew the movement based on the Earth, you can see that 2016 HO 3 actually shows a movement around the earth like a moon.

Asteroid 2016 HO3 - Earth's Constant Companion - YouTube

2016 The most different point between Moon and HO 3 is that the Moon is captured by the Earth's gravitational sphere whereas 2016 HO 3 is revolving around the gravity of the sun. Therefore, 2016 HO 3 is a "asteroid" circling the sun, and it has a unique character that it is also a "quasi-satellite" like a moon as seen from the Earth. Also, while the revolution cycle around the earth is about 27 days, 2016 HO 3 circles the sun around 365 days, similar to the Earth. Therefore, the revolution cycle in which 2016 HO 3 circles the earth is "about 365 days".

2016 HO 3 has an orbit approaching the earthNeighboring Earth Object(Near Earth Object: NEO), of which 5 have been confirmed in total, 2016 HO 3 is known to be the most stable orbiting asteroid. However, its composition was unknown because it is the largest, 100 meters long object in the distant place of 14 million km (= 38 times from the earth to the moon) even when approaching the Earth most.

The team of Lady and colleagues, astronomical observation facility in Arizona "Large binocular telescope(Large Binocular Telescope: LBT) to observe 2016 HO3, spectrum analysis of the rotation cycle and the light reflected by the surface of the celestial body was performed. As a result, it is found that the rotation cycle of 2016 HO 3 is 28 minutes, and that the surface of the celestial body is not an artificial material such as a metal, but composed of natural substances like other asteroids. From here it is confirmed that 2016 HO 3 is not an artifact but an asteroid.

In addition, the distance between 2016 HO 3 and the Earth varies greatly, and as mentioned above, it is 38 times the distance of the moon from the Earth at the nearest point, and it is 100 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon when it is most distant. Mr. Christian Vejle of LBT said, "Among the NEOs we know, this type of celestial body will be the most human-friendly one, so it will be subject to stable exploration.The two LBT diameters Observation facility with 8.4 meter primary mirror and Ohio State University's "MODS"(Multi-Object Double Spectrographs) of such installations that are combined a very useful image and spectral data that results, LBT will be a best facility for the study of celestial objects belonging to the earth, such as 2016 HO3" I am talking.

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