The secret story of the development of "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" that is touched by a secret part of Nintendo's excellent game is fascinating

On March 3, 2017Nintendo SwitchIt was released at the same time "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild"Received a lot of praise from the overwhelming high degree of completeness, Nintendo reveals its development secret story, it is very interesting content.

It is Japan's largest conference for game developersCEDEC 2017Among them, Nintendo talked about development secrets of "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild". In the lecture made by Nintendo, from the mouth of the developers involved in the development of the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, a wide range of contents such as project management, 3D graphic art, tool / debugging, sound, UI, field level design etc. He seems to have been, is a production manager of Capcom who participated in thisMatt WalkerHas tweeted about the lecture and it is getting to know a part of interesting contents.

The Legend of Zelda In Breath of the Wild, task management is performed using the following management tool integrated into the game, so that waste in work such as "a different person performs checks at the same place" It seems that it can be omitted.

In addition, there is also a tool called "Field Task View" that you can see by visually seeing how far progress progresses in the whole of Hailar's Earth. For these developer tools, Walker says, "It is a great tool that multiple developers can exchange ideas on each other about their tasks"Sayis.

And in the field design "Triangle law"Is hidden. For example, by arranging triangle mountains, it is possible to let the player choose one of the two routes of "crossing the mountain" and "detouring".

Furthermore, by placing a different destination behind the mountain, we will be able to offer the pleasure and pleasure of the search naturally to players.

In addition, since the triangle object has the effect of guiding the line of sight to the tip portion, further players can be guided by arranging important elements in the game such as a kog or a shrine.

Nintendo is able to master triangles of different size separately for use, use a large triangle like a mountain as a landmark, a medium sized triangle as a shield for landmarks and routes, and a small triangle as a tempo of adventure A pattern that was incorporated as an element of play to change.

Of course, not all elements on the field are triangles, but rectangular ones are also used. The triangle is used to gradually reveal the destination etc., but in the case of the rectangle it seems to be effective to completely hide something from sight. As an example, what is introduced in the slide is "trees" which are countless on the field, and remembering when finding mushrooms and bee nests in the shadow of trees, it is true that the rectangle " It is understood that it is used for.

The slide below shows how extensive the triangle and rectangle are applied in the field design.

"Seeker Tower (tower)" that appears during the game is a building for getting a map, so it is so important that you can not keep climbing if you see it. The slide below shows that many triangles are skillfully used in the road when the player heads to the tower.

I skillfully hide the buildings behind it with rocks and mountain skins, and the figure is gradually visible.

As we go further closer, a tower appears as if drawn from the back of a rectangular building.

Meanwhile, measures taken to skillfully guide players are given to the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

The following image is a heat map with the route actually moved by the test play participant on the game map. Before any measures are taken, there are many movements along the way on the field, most players adventure on the land of Hyrule with a similar route, but you have not visited many lands I understand. On the other hand, if you look at the heat map after adding measures, you can see that the adventure routes for each player are considerably disjointed and that every corner of the field is broken.

In order to improve the stage before the measures, when placing a game event between the points with the tower on the field as a point, it seems that Nintendo thought that "Has become just good salt plum!"

However, it seems that this has resulted in the problem that "the feeling of being carried out is strong", "the feeling of one road" can not be denied, "the experiences are separated by people in a bad sense".

Thus, placed between the development team point the object that has the "attraction" as attract players and the point (tower and the tower). This "attraction" of that object with a will, a pattern that points to a small shrine and the demon of the nest, something so that the benefit of the players, such as Umayyad.

The strength of the ability to attract players for each element seems to vary depending on size and purpose.

Besides that, in the UI design of the game "measures are easy to grasp, do not make it noticeable" measures ... ...

Points cautioned in the design of the title screen are also summarized.

Furthermore, we adopt "Zelda White" which is slightly more yellowish than ordinary white color, and adopts it not only to the UI of the game but also to the package, thereby giving a sense of unity.

In addition, Japanese fonts displayed in the shrine in the game, etc., in Katakana is "Logo G BlackIn Kanji, fontworks'Raglan Punch"Has been adopted.

Besides, consideration is given so that information that does not need to be constantly seen in the UI design is displayed only when necessary ... ...

We succeeded in reducing the "feeling of pressure on the screen" that occurs when the UI is displayed all the time.

Furthermore, regarding ancient seeker technology, it is designed differently from other items for the purpose of constructing and differentiating the world view.

Although there are no detailed tutorials and few elements displayed on the screen, there are few elements to be displayed on the screen, but not to negate the point of "informing the information" originally of the UI, the important elements are designed to be noticeable and noticeable. One such example is that the heart glows white when the link is damaged, it is designed to "look like high quality with a simple UI"And.

Also, it seems that screen display at game over is expressed by capturing characters, adding distortion texture, and adding distortion animation.

Besides, the "pouch" screen that houses items seems to express by capturing the game background, masking the left half of the saved background, and adding a pouch screen there.

In addition, because there were only two UI designers, we worked with programmers to create a tool called "LayoutEditor".

Normally, UI designers need to wait for programmers to implement data in the game, but it is now possible to check the data created on the game viewer before implementation.

Also, the map of the game is divided into 120 areas that can be dynamically loaded, it is possible to zoom in 4 stages, and it also needs to be combined with an unopened area, so we needed to make 2344 maps. However, because it was unrealistic in handwriting, it seems that it was created by automatic generation.

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