One of the three largest networks in the US - CBS also found that the virtual mining code was embedded in the site


Popular torrent website 'The Pirate Bay'Unauthorized use of viewer CPU resources to virtual currency miningWhat I was doing became news for a week. It turned out that similar mining code was embedded in the CBS counted in the United States 3 largest network along with ABC and NBC.

CBS's Showtime caught mining crypto-coins in viewers' web browsers • The Register

The code was found in the fee-based program distribution service "CBS"SHOWTIME(」、およびその兄弟サイトである「SHOWTIME ANYTIME(」。

Although it is said that the service target of all sites is only in the United States, it can not be seen from Japan, and the code has already been deleted, but according to The Register, the following code was embedded. This code is similar to what was embedded in the site of The Pirate Bay, which was talked about earlier, "Coin Hive" which can receive revenue by providing CPU power for mining.

According to The Register, the code was embedded last weekend (September 23), it was erased by September 25 (Monday). SHOWTIME did not comment on the interview by The Register, but in The Register, CBS which is one of the three biggest networks indeed can not be thought of embedding this code silently and is contaminated by someone It is presumed that it would have been done.

Incidentally, before and after the code, New Relic's comment tag is in charge of access analysis, but it is difficult to think that New Relic embeds the mining code on the customer's page, indeed, New Relic is in The Register On the other hand, he replies "I am unrelated to the code" and commented that this code seems to be inserted by the developer rather than being inserted by the agent of New Relic.

Coin Hive, the "owner" of the code, replied that information on the account holder can not be provided under the privacy policy, but the e-mail address used for setting up the account is not an official one of CBS but personal It is suggested that it is something that is malicious.

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