How does iPhone 8 change its design from iPhone 7?

Finally released "iPhone 8I get the impression that the design does not change with the iPhone 7 of the previous model in looking. However, since the back panel has been changed to glass, the impression will change significantly if you actually see it with your eyes, so that the iPhone 8 will take care of the design from the iPhone 7 carefully I tried to observe.

iPhone 8 - Apple (Japan)

The left is the space gray of the iPhone 8, the right is the black of the iPhone 7. It seems that the surface does not change anything up to color and arrangement of sensors.

Compare the top, the top is the iPhone 8 and the bottom is the iPhone 7. The main body color name is different and the color of the aluminum frame is different, iPhone 8 (space gray) is a little more colorful than iPhone 7 (black).

Earphone jacks disappear from the bottom.

Left side

It is the same up to the placement of resin line, sound on / off switch, sound volume adjustment button for passing radio waves.

The right side face has not changed at all either.

The impression is quite different on the back. The iPhone 8 on the left has a glossy look because it employs a glass panel, but the iPhone 7 is an aluminum casing so it looks like a mat. The actual feeling of touch is like the iPhone 8 seems to suck the glass with the fingers, just like the display on the front. In contrast to iPhone 7, because it is an aluminum enclosure, it also has a smooth touch, so if you are told which side is familiar with your hand, you can say iPhone 7. The color is a bit hard to understand, but the iPhone 8 is a distinctive gray thinner than the iPhone 7, feels like "The Gray" than the space gray so far.

Looking at the resin line for passing radio waves stretching from the main body side, the lower iPhone 7 extends from the side to the top of the main unit, but the top iPhone 8 is finished with a side by side.

The resin line for passing the radio waves from the top surface of the iPhone 8 disappeared ... ...

The line goes through the left and right side and the top side with the iPhone 7 like this.

The resin line on the bottom part also disappeared from the iPhone 8 in the same way.iPhone 6Although it is a resin line which has gradually reduced its presence after that, it has become a level which is almost unnoticeable on the iPhone 8 anymore.

Then the main camera on the back. The left is iPhone 8 and the right is iPhone 7.

The camera of the iPhone 8 protrudes to be embedded in the glass panel ... ...

On the iPhone 7, the back and the camera were seamlessly integrated.

So, if you look at the rear camera, you can distinguish between iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 in one shot.

Then the Apple logo on the back.

The iPhone 8 has a silver logo behind the glass panel.

In the iPhone 7, metal parts different from the case were used for the Apple logo, and the seam was visible.

The character part of "iPhone" at the bottom of the back.

On the iPhone 8, all but the character "iPhone" is gone.

In contrast to iPhone 7, in addition to the word "iPhone", characters and model numbers of familiar "Designed by Apple in California" were written in Apple products.

Also looking at almost the same iPhone 8 and iPhone 7, when you observe closely, you found multiple small changes. Changes in design are mostly caused only by changing the rear panel to a glass panel, so if iPhone 8 is not compatible with wireless charging and you do not need to change the back to a glass panel, iPhone 7 and It may have appeared exactly the same appearance.

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