"Wonder Festival 2018 Shanghai [Prestige] official announcement" aiming for exchange between Japan and China through modeling culture

On July 30, 2017, it was announced at an emergency press conference at "Wonder Festival 2017 [Summer]""Wonder Festival 2018 Shanghai [Prestige]" heldAbout official press conference was held in Shanghai. Kaiyodo's representative directorShuichi MiyawakiWe talked about hot thoughts about the first overseas expansion of the events taken root in Japan.

Wonder Festival 2018 Shanghai [Pre Stage]

The state of the emergency press conference held at the venue of Wonder Festival 2017 [summer] was like this. I did not quite understand what the announcement was until the beginning of the press conference, but when I heard that the wonder festival in Shanghai was held, "Many people convinced that there were many people from China on one festival?" It seems to be.

"Wonder Festival 2018 Shanghai [Pre Stage]" to be held - GIGAZINE

The conference took place from 14 o'clock on September 13. Because Mr. Miyawaki was tweeted, there might have been some people who knew that holding.

A bird's-eye view of the venue.

Mr. Miyawaki is at the top. The fact that "Kaiyodo" began with a small model store of one tsubo in 53 years ago, that the Kaiyodo took over at the exhibition spot sale, which the Wonder Festival started with General Products in 1985, now 5 First of all, I looked back on the history, such as having grown into an event where more than 10,000 people participated. And we touched oneself experience that Kaiyodo held exhibitions in Taiwan in 2007 · 2013 and also in Shanghai in 2013 and realized the situation on Chinese figures and modeling with the skin,GOOSEBUMPSThere was also an offer from Taiwan that he decided to cooperate in holding a wonder festival in Shanghai.

Next, Mr. Masashi Konishi of GOOSEBUMPS, hosted by "Shanghai One Fest", who was on the stage.

As an advertisement ambassador for the event, Chinese girl figures prototype master kiking, Chinese creature figures prototype master, Shiki san, Japanese creature figures prototype master, Mr. Oyama Ryuu, Japanese pretty figure figure prototype Four representatives, Mr. BOME, were chosen.

A signing ceremony by Dimension Array CEO, GOOSEBUMPS Konishi COO, Kaiyodo Miyawaki representative who is a partner on the Chinese side, watching the advertisement of the advertisement.

Signing on documents like scrolls is completed.

Wonder Festival 2018 Shanghai [Prestige] (Shanghai One Festival) is scheduled to be held at Shanghai New International Fair Center SNIEC (E1 · E2 Hall) on April 6th (Sat) and Saturday, 7th November 2018 . The ticket price is 100 yuan (about 1680 yen) for the advance purchase ticket purchased by 30 days before the opening, 120 yuan for the day ticket (about 2020 yen).

In addition, as we got permission from multiple copyright sources, even in Shanghai one festival, we adopted the copyright system on the same day. It is basically a Chinese dealer to exhibit, but the Shanghai One Fest Executive Committee is planning to invite it after paying the travel expenses etc of a popular Japanese amateur dealer etc.

· 2017/09/15 14:55 Addendum
The state of the conference was like this.

Just before the start of reception, Chinese female staff are waiting.

The conference started at 14 o'clock and the reception started at 13 o'clock.

Miyawaki Sen who showed up at the venue. I put a signature with silver paint marker on the display panel near the entrance.

Conference started from 14 o'clock. As "opening image", the one summarizing the history of Kaiyodo over 50 years by the digest was swept away.

Handling of copyright on the day was "negotiating" at the time of the emergency press conference in July, but from the Konishi COO of GOOSEBUMPS at this conference "WF's unique copyright system on the day will also be adopted at Shanghai WF There was an announcement. At that time, it was said that the awesome was happening inside the hall.

Subsequently, the copyright source who gave permission to the copyright system on the day and the work were also announced. To the emergence of popular titles and famous titles, the reaction of the venue has changed from "awkward" to "cheers".

We also announced that the "Wonder Showcase" exhibition will be held as an "event within event" of Shanghai One Fes. It was said that people who took out smartphones and started taking pictures were also seen by the projection of a looking figure figure.

For Shanghai one festival, GOOSEBUMPS cooperates with "DA (Dimension Array)" who is based in Beijing and is planning and hosting events of Japanese otaku culture as a partner in China. Da representative Cao also entered.

Mr. Takinori Azure of the Good Smile Company, MAX Watanabe of Max Factory, received a celebration comment on the decision to hold Shanghai One Fest. Both companies have temporarily decided to participate in the event.

Many signs of guests etc were written on the display panel during the event.

After the conference was over, a question and answer time for the press was set up. It was said that it was about 30 minutes after the conference and it started, but there were still about 20 presses still. In the country and Japan the environment surrounding the figures is quite different, absolutely less amount of information than in Japan, so to speak that it is "in a state of information" so that the press is 5 per person 6 I bumped into a question and finally he told me that it was a question and answer session over 90 minutes. Some of the questions are "Please tell me three figures I liked while Miyawaki Sen met so far", rather than "a question and answer at a press conference", part of the atmosphere like fan meeting It seems there was.

Reports by local people are also on the net.

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Shanghai one festival will be held in the form of "prestige", but the fans of figures and figurative fans in China are considerable, and among the members of the executive committee who visited the site, Japan's modeling circle is good He told me he received the impression that he will receive stimulation. Since it is said that there are plans to select excellent works / dealers in the form of "Shanghai Wonder Festival Grand Prize" and come to Japan's Wonder Festival, the possibility of spreading as a place of exchange between Japan and China through modeling Is not there enough?

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