Starbuck's rice tea finally became frappuccino "Hojima cream frappuccino with caramel sauce" Tasting review

It is popular among tea latte series offered at Starbucks "Hojicha tea latte" can enjoy with desert senseHojicha cream Frappuccino with caramel sauce"Has appeared on Friday, September 15, 2017. I have added a new work that you can enjoy the new "Hojicha world" by adding white sugar's sweetness, caramel sauce and crispy sugar to Hojicha.

Japanese tea also transformed diversely! "Hojicha" finally to Frapetino ®. "Hojima cream Frappuccino ® with caramel sauce"

Arrived at Starbucks.

The appeal of Hajima cream crepe Frappuccino was also done at the store.

I entered the shop and ordered immediately. I will receive a hojicha cream frappuccino.

Hojicha cream Frappuccino is offered only in tall size, it is about this size compared with the iPhone SE of 123.8 mm in total length.

On top of Frappuccino are fluffy whipped cream and caramel sauce, crispy sugar topped with.

In Starbucks, five kinds of tea leaves called "Sencha Roja", "Stem Roja", "Tamayama Hojo Tea", "Covered Hojo Tea", and "Ajimoto Hojo Tea" are roasted by the teacher by the teacher, The smell of fluffy and fragrant hoji - tea spreads in. It was slightly bittersweeted because it was extracted into thick eyes, but it matched the sweetness of the white mocha, which is the base, on the contrary.

Looking at the side of the cup, you can see that tea leaves are mixed directly with frappuccino.

Frappuccino itself is gentle sweetness, it is comparatively easy, but when you eat with whipped cream, character e-mail sauce, sugar it increases milky and it tastes like dessert. The fragrance of Hojicha and the fragrance of caramel sauce were exquisite. Starbucks frappuccino has some sweet things, but hojicha cream Frappuccino is a milky drink that is gentle sweet overall, so it seemed like either a single item dessert or as a snack accompaniment.

In addition, Hojicha cream frappuccino with caramel sauce is offered only in tall size, the price is 540 yen without tax.

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