Learning while enjoying mathematics The importance of the idea of ​​"mathematics is a playground"

ByGillian Roberts

Regarding mathematics and mathematics that make use of numbers, it is not an overstatement to say that it is roughly divided into two, "people of good luck" and "people who do not want to see numbers because they are not good".The Math Dude(Mathematical Fellow) Mr. Jason Marshall talks about mathematics being fun and "mathematics is like a playground", and it tells the importance of children's exposure to mathematics.

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Posted articles on various fields such as productivity, human relations, health and educationQuick and Dirty TipsMr. Marshall who gathered a column of mathematics at mathematics, has written a sentence with the theme "Why is it important to learn mathematics" as a series of serial series over seven years?

Marshall says that there is a girl who will be three years old, who took a daughter one day and went to play in the park. At the playground of the park my daughter played on the jungle gym named "Mermaid Castle" without permission and Marshall who was watching it watched the situation "I wonder if I fall down and I do not want to get injured". But at that time, something came to Marshall's idea.

ByGreg Goebel

That is "Is mathematics a playground?" Of course, even though I study mathematics, I can not remember danger in the body with physical strength or injury, but I thought that mathematics would foster children's growth as a "playground in the mind" That's right. It seems that Mr. Marshall, who was a mathematic columnist, always held him somewhere in his head, but after seeing his daughter's playing situation, he thought that his thought again became certain.

No matter how much it is called a playground in the park, children will have more or less dangerous eyes while playing, injuring and learning that this is not done. Skillfully walking on a jungle gym and skillfully walking on a thin iron pipe is something that is tolerable for parents, but for the child it is necessary to cultivate a sense of balance, to learn how to use the body, or even to speak of the laws of physics You can experience something like yourself.


Mathematics is boring because it is to make the drill repeatedly repeated such as boring work, there is no "play" element there. However, play is one of the things that children are most proud of. Children learn a lot from play. Therefore, Marshall says that it is important for adults in the surroundings to let their children play with both body and mind.

The important thing among them is that people around him say that they do not impose what they were not good at mathematics. To say "I was not good at mathematics when I was a child" or "I am not a mathematical type human being" is a reason for children to plant the same awareness. By doing so without knowing the consciousness of "mathematical = pain" in such way, it really comes away from the math that the math should have been able to do. Therefore, we should avoid avoiding negative content about mathematics.

Then, how do you do in everyday life will provide 'math playground'? Marshall says, "The answer lies in various places in everyday life." Classification of seashell patterns, wall tiles and all kinds of substances leads to interest in mathematics. Also, all kinds of things related to mathematics, such as solving puzzles, folding origami, listening to music, finding patterns in it, shapes of tree branches, etc. are said to be related. Children are a group of curiosity. If there are things reflected in such children's eyes to lead to mathematics and arithmetic, helping to connect to mathematics from there will lead to mathematical and logical thinking to be acquired "Marshall says.

ByGreg Goebel

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