Photos that make you realize that even children are men

ByClintus McGintus

English proverb says "Boys will be boys." In translation, "Boys are forever boys." In the Latin era, there is a similar proverb, and it seems that men point to childish forever.

However, there are times when you can feel that a man is a man even a child. I will introduce photos that caught such a moment.

Details are as below.
Boys Will Be Boys - Steven Humor

I do not mind boys playing dolls, but I think that way of playing is a bit different.

A boy whose smile at his mouth is reminiscent of a master. I do not know from here, but he will be able to see a magnificent view.


It is a piece that seems to be a family member who seems to be good friends, but why did he do this?

ByClintus McGintus

What makes boobs attract men so much?

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