Discovered "sign theft" using Apple Watch at major league

I learned that Boston Red Sox, a popular team of Major League Baseball, had been doing "signature stealing" using Apple Watch. Brian Cashman GM of the New York Yankees said he submitted a video of the evidence to the commissioner.

Boston Red Sox Used Apple Watches to Steal Signs Against Yankees - The New York Times

Boston Red Sox caught using Apple Watch to steal signs in games against the Yankees & amp; others | 9to5Mac

According to the New York Times, the Yankees side has long doubted that "sign theft" is being held at Fenway Park which is the home baseball stadium of Red Sox, and in the three consecutive bouts made in August, the Red Sox The training staff finally caught the information that the players told the players information such as the kind of pitch gained by Apple Watch. As evidence of 'signature stealing', Cashman GM submitted to MLB commissioner Rob Manfred.

While acknowledging that the training staff was informing the players of the information received from the image verification staff, the Red Sox also appealed that the Yankees was stealing the sign using the TV camera, It is where the commissioner judgment is awaited.

By the way, Apple's CEO Tim Cook visited Fenway Park in June 2017, watching Red Sox games, this time the pictures are used in this news report.

By the way, it is unknown whether Cook CEO is a fan of Red Sox, but it has some relationship with baseball.

In 2015, Brandon Moss 's No. 100 home run belonging to the Cleveland Indians jumped into the Indians' bullpen. Team mates think whether to give a commemorative home run ball to Moss players, and on the official Twitter it is a situation where "smart letter" and "iPad or MacBookAir in exchange for the ball!" Are issued. Cook CEO in WWDC 2015 held after a few days announced that "We will pay 'ransom'. In exchange for "ransom", the home run ball seems to have been delivered safely to the Moss player.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook offers to pay ransom for Brandon Moss' home run ball |

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