Catch with a cup of beer that took a ball of baseball

Sometimes balls jump into stands, such as furls and home runs, in baseball games. Also, if you fly in the outfield if the fly flies in 2 out situations, you may throw the catch the ball into the stand as it is, or the player may throw the sign ball as a fan service after the game, There are not many people who have the experience of bringing gloves when going to.

Overseas, there was a man who caught the ball that stands in strikingly with a cup containing beer. Because there are so many people who want balls, it is also difficult to catch a ball with a glove, but this man is brilliantly catching as if it was a fate to do so.

Details are as below.
This is an incident at Wrigley Field, home of Chicago Cubs.

YouTube - Beer Catch and Chug

It seems that during the battle practice before the game, he threw the ball as a fan service toward the outfield unrelated.

Everyone focuses on the ball. The leading character is a black shirt man on the left side of the center.

While some people are trying to take the ball with a glove, he hands out a cup of beer that he has.

And ...

Catch the ball. The woman next door has a great face.

After that, he drinks beer ...

The ball remained at the end.

It sounds like a hero.

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