What should not do when the smartphone falls into the water or the sea · What you should do is

One of the things many people have faced since the spread of mobile phones was an accident that caused the terminal to submerge into the water such as a washbasin, kitchen, toilet or river. Because the waterproof performance of recent terminals has been improved, "submerged = immediate dead Buddha" less often, but still the moisture is not prohibited in electronic equipment. That is why experts on the road list what they should not do when submerged and how to deal with it are as follows.

Your smartphone got wet. Here's what not to do first

◆ When the terminal is dropped into fresh water such as tap water or fresh water
Even though it seems that it seems to be working safely, pick up the terminal that fell into the water immediately, in fact it may show symptoms after a few days. There is a problem that the water which entered into the terminal at the time of submergence penetrated into the inside over time and the touch panel could not be operated at all at all.

In such a case often taken out is a popular saying that if you put a terminal in a bag with raw rice, rice grains absorb moisture. However, this seems to be less effective according to experts. Rather, the drying speed is slower than just placing it on the table without doing anything, and neither method is far from perfectly drying the terminal.

According to experts, it is more important than anything to completely remove the remaining water inside and dry it. Nevertheless, it is a hurdle for ordinary people to decompose complex equipment. I heard that there are services available to the US in such a submersion trouble. Based in TexasDryBoxIs one of the companies that develop such a service, we have set up machines that will completely take out moisture that entered the terminal using heat and negative pressure.

This device is to add heat to the terminal to evaporate the water, but it is not to say that it adds enough heat to boil water. When doing the treatment, put the terminal that dropped in the water into a small box and close the door. Then, the internal air is removed and the air pressure drops, and in that state it adds heat to the terminal. Then, on the high mountain, the water that entered the terminal steadily goes out with the same principle that water boils at 100 degrees or less. In this device, it is possible to completely drain the internal water in about 30 minutes. With this method, it is possible to evaporate only moisture without applying enough heat to adversely affect the terminal.

Also important when submerging is to turn off the power immediately when the power is on, never turn on if the power is off, and do not charge. And even if it seems that there seems to be no problem, we recommend that you consult with a professional.

◆ When dropping the terminal into the seawater
In the case of saltwater containing sea water, it is very important to remove highly corrosive salts in addition to removing moisture. This is no longer an amateur's hand, so it is said that there is no other way to leave it to professional hands.

If the salt-containing water soaked in, it is necessary to first take a first aid and bring it to a professional trader. In such a case, rather than bringing the terminal in a naked state, distilled water as close as possible to the terminal and deionized water is placed in the zip rock and a baking soda (sodium hydrogencarbonate) of one pinch is put in there It is a matter of being sealed and carrying it in state. Of course, it is necessary to turn off the power of the terminal.

It is a method that seems to be attacked by a violent incompatibility with "It is carried while immersed in water!", But because baking soda has a function to weaken salt erosion, it is actually a reasonable method about. Also, it seems that it is one of the reasons to proceed with this method to say that pure water which does not contain impurities hardly passes electricity.

Either way, when you let the terminal submerge, it seems that even if you think that it is okay, those who ask the judgment of experts will result in less expense.

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