An artist who completes illustration by just "paint" of Microsoft unveiled the whole process of work, "Why do you insist on painting?"

Pat Hines is an artist who completes illustrations using only "Microsoft paint". Hines has been using paint only for 10 years and Illustration collection of his own paintings "Camp Redblood and The Essential RevengeAlso announced. A movie that talks about "why do you stick to paint" is being made public while reflecting how Hines like this completes illustration from scratch.

How an MS Paint artist made this picture - YouTube

This is the completion drawing of the illustration rendered this time. In the movie, the whole process of how the illustration below will be completed will be released.

That's why the screen starts with a blank page. A man in the photo is Mr. Hines. Hines was raised in Boston, born in Boston, and he is still active in Boston.

Specify the screen size and start work.

Hines is from the region called West Rocks Berry in Boston. While being told about origin, the draft started.

Hines said that he was working late at night in a nursing home when he was a university student. At that time, Hines who did not like Games such as YouTube and Facebook, Minesweeper and Solitaire started scribbling in paint. And "It slowly goes crazy".

At first it seems that it was just graffiti, but gradually went on to acquire skills with the age of the day, and in a few years it became possible to complete the illustration until it could be called a "work".

Black and white illustration ......

Color illustrations. Hines, who always imitated someone's style with paper and pen, seems to have noticed that using a paint somehow a unique style is acquired.

The composition which roughly came was being made while being told so. After that, if it is in Photoshop, layers will overlap, but of course there is no layering function in paint, so we will save the drafts and save them directly, then overwrite the direct findings directly.

Writing with Pen tool will inevitably cause the line to rattle, so use the line tool in the fair.

Not only a straight line tool but also a curvilinear tool ......

Free selection and so on are also used.

I heard that he tried to draw with another drawing software using the stylus pen, but he said that he is doing drawing with the mouse after all. It seems that the unique taste crisp only was made by drawing an illustration with the mouse & line tool.

On the other hand, it seems to try to erase pixels as much as possible so as to eliminate the block feeling. Moreover, from the thought that "I want to eliminate the pixel feeling", I used a spray tool at the beginning when I drawn an illustration. This is because a lot of pixels are randomly blown out with the spray tool.

Hines moved to a way to draw illustrations by line tool rather than spray tool later, but even when I draw illustration with spray art on the wall still, I told that spray tool is active.

In the work screen, the outline of the person is roughly scored ......

A method is adopted in which a draft is erased with an eraser and a fairy tale is done.

My illustration is a 20th century painterIvan BilibinHines says that it is similar to the illustration. The painting of Bilibin is also painted solidly, and details are finely finished.

Also,Norman RockwellYa

Maxfield Parish

movies"Back to the FutureI drew a poster ofDrew StrathanIt is cited as a favorite artist.

The illustration has advanced considerably.

The fact that it had the strongest influence on illustration drawing using "paint"Adventure of TintinHe is the author of the seriesHerje. Unconsciously, Hines said that he was trying to finish his illustration like an Elge work.

A method like Elge that draws with sharp lines without using shadows is called "Ligne claire".

The painting tool was very suitable for such a drawing style.

Drawing is completed.

It will change to colored work.

Basically coloring is done with a fill tool.

Excess lines are erased with eraser tool ......

We will also express grayscale with eraser tool.

When closing up the boundary of the gradation, dots remained firmly. Hines says it will be proof that this "painted in paint".

We used a lot of colors during the coloring work, but it was always said that they are paying attention to "Where is the light source?"

In order to express "shadow", repeat the work of overlapping a little dark color of the same hue. Drawing in paint is a work "like meditation" for Mr. Hines in order to repeat a simple work all the time.

It seems to be recommended to people on the web that "You can do the same thing in Photoshop", but he said that he loves drawing in paint and will not use other software It was.

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