PlayStation's Twitter & Facebook account is hacked

PlayStation official Twitter account and Facebook account hacked, temporary hijacker group was taken over. The content tweeted by the hacker etc has already been deleted, the account has returned to the original operation, but the hacker group had tweeted that "Database information of PlayStation Network also leaked out".

PSN possibly hacked by OurMine - NeoGAF

Did PlayStation just get hacked?

I tried hackingOurMineHacker group called. It has been confirmed that the official PlayStation Twitter account (@ PlayStation), Brazilian version of PlayStation's official Twitter account (@ PlayStation_BR), PlayStation official Facebook account had been hijacked.

PlayStation Official Twitter account that has been taken over by OurMine and tweeted arbitrarily. Tweet with content saying "database leaked out", its truth is unknown.

This is the situation when the Facebook account was hijacked. "PlayStation, contact us we got PlayStation Network database leaked!", Twitter and similar content has been posted.

The relevant tweets and posts have already been deleted.

Game related news siteApp TriggerAccording to OurMine, we often hack on celebrities and official accounts of works, but "White hat hackerIt is self-naming, it is said that I returned the account without causing incidents etc.

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