Eggs' n Things We have eaten our first original pie "Home Made Apple Pie" at the Umeda Chayamachi branch of a limited retail store

"Eggs 'n Things (Eggs' Things)"Is a casual restaurant born in Hawaii, known as a dessert menu to eat a lot of whipped cream like toppings like pancakes. This time, the original original pie using the pancake fabric "Home Made Apple PieIt appeared only at the Umeda Chayamachi store, so I went to eat.

Excellent compatibility with Kona coffee! Eggs 'n Things using the fabric of pancake' s first original pie New appearance Umeda Chayamachi store limited "Home Made Apple Pie" Deal "Pie & amp; Café Set" also sold ~ sale from Tuesday, August 1 Start ~ | Eggs' n Things

The location of the shop is here. It is 3 minutes on foot to the east side of Hankyu Umeda station.

There is a store in this "OIT Umeda Tower".

"OIT" is about Osaka Institute of Technology, Osaka Institute of Technology, and there is Umeda campus in this favorable location.

"Eggs' n Things Umeda Chayamachi Store" in the row of the seminar room.

From August 1st to 31st, entitled "Mango a go go!", We are offering a special menu with plenty of mango. However, today's aim is "Home Made Apple Pie" also started on August 1st. A single item costs 930 yen + tax, a set with coffee or tea is 1200 yen + tax.

Goods came in about 5 minutes after ordering. Apple pie was settled in the place where pancake had been, but there is no sense of incongruity at all.

It is a quarter size of the hall, but still big apple pie.

According to the news release, it was "Pie using pancake cloth", but the crisp texture is "apple pie" enough to think that "I was outta pie ever." Although I thought that "the bottom may be somewhat dusty", it may be because of the prejudice that it seems to be using "pancake dough".

There is a feeling of sharpness in the apple that cuts cornered, which seems to misunderstand "There is potatoes?" I feel that there is a response from the apple pie using sliced ​​apple.

Cool and rich sweetness of vanilla ice caught cooks well with the soft flavor of cinnamon apple.

Also, plenty of whipped cream is lightly fluffy and fluffy as well as this volume, soft sweetness, which can also be enjoyed together with pie.

Temperate desserts tend to chill cold things such as shaved ice in hot seasons, but apple pies with less summerlike images were quite ants too.

Will it be thought that future pies other than apple pie, meat pies and other non-dessert pie will be served?

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