A movie entering the inside of a wrecked ship abandoned in the sea and turned into a huge ruin

What is going on inside the cargo ship of ruffled with rust full of waste? So, when a man infiltrates in the kayak and shoots the interior, the world like a horror film prologue was spreading.

Kayaking inside an abandoned ship - YouTube

A huge structure nestling in front of me is a huge cargo ship that would have been thrown away long ago.

I can not imagine what the former was doing any longer, you can see that it weathered and rusted.

A male aims inside by rowing a kayak. It seems that it enters from a place where a hole has emptied in the wall of the ship.

Inside feeling is so dark that nothing can be seen.

When actually infiltrating inside, there was a hole in and around so the sunlight was plugged in and there was enough brightness.

When the kayak goes forward, the sound of "Bacha, Bacha" echoes, inside, "elegant ... ..." and eerie sounds ringing, it looks just like a scene in a horror movie.

Even if you go ahead, there are no places where humans can walk, and the structure of the interior has become exposed.

As you go up and look up just above, it looks like it's not strange when something falls.

The man moves as if drawing an arc from the entrance.

In advanced place about half a lap, the man went down the road came back the orientation of the kayak.

Finally, the inside was reflected and shooting ended.

The YouTube comment section says, "I will imagine your bare feet falling on a rusty surface as they fall from the kayak," "It looks like the beginning of a successful VR horror game" "I saw it with the Tomb Raider!" Wow, it is insanely weird! I definitely do not want to enter! "" Far Cry 3: Kayak edition "" It will be tetanus "was commented on.

Also, the coordinates of the place where this ship is also posted in the comment section, and it was confirmed on Google Maps that it seems to be a Greek cargo ship abandoned in the 1960s called "Epava Evangelia" in Romania.

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