Underground tunnel in Moscow where monsters are likely to go

An underground tunnel picture of Russia that does not make amusement when a monster comes out. I mentioned earlierUnderground dungeonUnlike the initial level of the game is like a dungeon, it looks dangerous as well.

Details are as below.English Russia »Moscow Underground Tunnels (HDR)

It seems that some photos are 3D processing.

I do not want to swim in such a place if possible.

The water is opaque and I do not know if there is something on the ground.

It is like a small waterfall.

A scene that is likely to appear in the game.

There is something.

Is the alligator near the center CG?

Space considerably wider.

It seems like Yaba if it falls.

Ladders are about to break on the way up.

In a state where I do not know what it is.

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