"Nearby Connections API 2.0" which can transfer data even when offline Android terminals are officially released

Available on Android,"Nearby" to present applications and websites to be installed on smartphones according to the place they are nowGoogle 's "Nearby Connections" API has been renewed and now available for offline use.

Android Developers Blog: Announcing Nearby Connections 2.0: fully offline, high bandwidth peer to peer device communication

Nearby was installed in 2016.

Google releases Android new feature "Nearby" that presents apps and websites to be installed on smartphones according to where they are now - GIGAZINE

It was held in May 2017Google I / O 2017In Google, Nearby Connections API has been redesigned and announced that encrypted data can be transferred by P2P method even between completely offline terminals.

How to Enable Contextual App Experiences (Google I / O '17) - YouTube

The "part" that has been provided to some partners so farNearby Connections API 2.0Although today, it was open to the public from August 1, 2017, it became available for everyone. Any Android terminal is OK, but the version of Android OS is Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or later,Google Play Developer ServicesThe version must be 11.0 or later.

According to Google, the network composed of this API is "1: N type" and "M: N type" two kinds.

"1: N-type" in the form of a plurality of terminals with respect to a single host connection, offline games and put the host, is considered how to use that the teacher is connected with the terminal group of students served as host at school It is.

"M: N type" is a style that forms a mesh network with multiple terminals. "The Weather Channel" is considered to be used for communicating weather information in a wide area by an on-demand mesh network.

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