An American electronic voting machine is hacked by hackers in a quick way with DEF CON

The world's largest hacking conference "DEF CONThe hacking challenge of the electronic voting machine used in the election of the United States was carried out, hacking succeeded just a little hour in a while.

Hackers break into voting machines in 90 minutes | TheHill

It took DEF CON hackers minutes to pwn these US voting machines • The Register

DEF CON is a hacking-related conference held every year in Las Vegas. This year, "Voting Machine Hacking Village" was established by considering the security problem of the electronic voting machine, and 30 various electronic ballot machines were installed.

Information on "Welcome to Voting Machine Hacking Village" set up at the venue

Naturally, usually hacking to the electronic voting machine is charged, but on this day the hackers swayed by saying "officially", and as a result, Mr. Karlsten-Schulmann got in "1 hour 30 minutes" WinVote Successful remote access to.

WinVote is an electronic voting machine that was used in Virginia until 2015, a device that knows that it was possible to log in with a simple password and even to edit the voting result database. Again, that danger was shown.

It turned out that the electronic voting machine was able to easily tamper with the result of hacking from hacking - GIGAZINE

In addition, the electronic voting machine of the company DiBold was allowed to invade in one hour.

About electronic balloting,The login information of the employee of the electronic voting software company was stolen by the cyber attack by the Russian intelligence agencyI also know that.

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