A 14-year-old boy who was disguised and took charge of the patrol of the town without being noticed by other policemen

It seems that the boy who longed for a police officer disguised himself into the police station and was given a mission to patrol the town on a patrol car. Because I am wearing a uniform, people in the town may make a mistake, but it seems that there is a problem that a real policeman can not see it right away.

Details are as below.
Boy, 14, dupes police, patrols Chicago for 5 hours | ABC 7 News

It was a 14 - year - old boy who disguised and patrolled and was assigned the task of patrolling at the police station in Chicago. However, it was said that it was a fake because the "star" which should be in the regular uniform was not in the boy 's uniform. The boy has never committed a crime and the gun is in possession, the appearance does not look like a 14 year old, it seems that it was not maliciously disguised.

Police said that this incident is a serious defense breach, and it is investigating the reason why the disguise could not be seen for 5 hours. The boy seems to have participated in a program to introduce police work for young people planned by Chicago, so it was difficult for the police to find out that the boy was a fake because he knew procedures at the police station A spokesman says.

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