We found out that people can be happier by hiring out and eating and helping "buy your own time"

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You can afford your own time by delegating to dinner without making your own dinner, or taking care of your pet and house cleaning by paying money to the dealer. Although this method is thought to be limited to some wealthy people, the results of the research have revealed that there is merit that any person can deserve to carry out.

Buying time promotes happiness

Want to Be Happy? Buy More Takeout and Hire a Maid, Study Suggests - The New York Times

A research team such as Harvard Business School conducted a survey on the purchasing activities of happiness and "buying time" for about 4,500 people, including the United States, Canada, Denmark and the Netherlands. This purchasing activity is "a service that takes over your time" such as ordering outdoor food, using a taxi, hiring a housekeeper, using a service that will do other chores etc. Things are chosen. After that, further investigation is undertaken for 1,800 Americans with further expanding the range of purchasing activities.

As a result, it was found that 28% of people in the first half of the group and about half of the latter half of the group use the service as described above, compared with those who do not use the service It is clear that they are living a high level of satisfaction. Assurance Willans Associate Professor Harvard Business School said, "People who use money to make their own time, such as outsourcing things they do not want to do, are totally satisfied with life as a whole I am talking about the findings. "

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The tendency was not seen by those who purchased goods using the same money. Also, the economic state of the target person does not have a big influence, so even if you are located in any income distribution, the person who spends money "to buy time" has the feeling of happiness It seems that it turns out that it tends to feel strongly. However, it seems that purchasing time from the lowest disposable income itself did not remain in the lowest income layer.

One of the authors and professor Elizabeth Dan of the University of British Columbia, Canada says Elizabeth Dan, "If you have tasks that will make you feel worried just thinking about that, you can avoid it by putting out money Thinking method is worth a thing. "

The research so far highlighted that there is a certain relationship between buying time and happiness. Next, the research team is conducting further investigation as to whether direct action is recognized between each other. In this survey involving about 10 Canadians, each of them provided 40 dollars (about 4400 yen), and instructed to buy "time" or "to buy goods such as games" during two consecutive weeks Is given. After investigating what kinds of impressions were held after the period, people who bought time as expected mostly had a tendency to decrease stress and to raise the level of happiness, The same result was not seen for the purchaser.

It is an act of "buying time" that you can expect to enrich your life in this way, but that usage rate is not so high even in wealthy people who have plenty of money. According to a survey of 800 Dutch wealthy people, those who use these services seem to have stayed only slightly over half.

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If the person who suffers from life is not aware of it, so many people do not buy time even in wealthy people who should have large disposable income, although the reason is not sure, Associate Professor Willands and Professor Dan talk about " It is pointed out that Protestant's idea of ​​"work" and the sense of resistance to making others do by paying what they can do with themselves are in the background. "

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