Headline news on July 24, 2017

As a special event tailored to "Mushroom Mountain Day" on August 11th, there are many "wrinkles" of Casa than a normal "mountain of mushrooms" Entering a happy mushroom"Does it appear?! Mountain of happy mushrooms large grain"It is said that it will be launched nationwide from August 1, 2017. Release includes ""Takaneko no Sato" dressed as a mushroom may be contained! What?"There is a possibility that the end is ended in a different meaning to the conflict of the mushroom faction vs. Bamboo faction. In addition, the price is 200 yen per tax.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

"Underwater Bullets at 27,000 fps" which shoots a gun under water and photographs how the trail of the bullet really becomes super slow motion - GIGAZINE

Online unnecessary alarm clock "Kuku Klok" - GIGAZINE

I went to a "farmer's shop" where you can eat shaved ice with fruit in 600 yen - GIGAZINE

What is the awful patent of Eolas which kept shaking the net for 14 years? - GIGAZINE

Technique to save password of 30 characters in memory under unconscious region of brain appeared - GIGAZINE

The average adult forgets something three days a day - GIGAZINE

An unknown big impact / crater top 10 made by crashing the meteorite on the earth 10 - GIGAZINE

Scientifically explain the way to spend the day vigorously even if lack of sleep at the end of the evening - GIGAZINE

From photographs taken for the first time in history to photographs of planets other than the solar system, "First photo in history" Various - GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (science · academic · technology)

How to live ... Bacteria in 'common sense', found in fountain: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Japanese eel, Taiwanese Government designates with extinction risk to the highest number of individuals - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

International physics Olympic Games Watanabe Akihiro is the world first, third consecutive gold medal Japan representative is gold 2 silver 3 | high school student newspaper online | news · information site supporting high school students

Brown bear, worldwide natural heritage to whales · Shiretoko: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Understanding the identity of "mysterious signal" from space Puerto Rico University Institute photo 1 International news: AFPBB News

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Sendai mayor election, Mr. Gun who defeats the opposition party fighting candidate's own system First election: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"It is useless even if the cabinet remodeled" large regional election successive loss, sense of crisis in the LDP: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Cabinet approval rate: 26% down "Chairman's election" 62% denied - Mainichi Shimbun

[Closing review] Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the stagnation of the support rate is "the voice of the people" "There will be criticisms of my answer" - Sankei news

Hawaii State prepares for North Korea's nuclear missiles Manual coping | NHK News

CNN.co.jp: Rice, Prohibition of traveling to North Korea announced Risk of arrest and detention - (1/2)

Recommended by Seven-Eleven Japan subcontract bullying | NHK News

Disposition history of obscene teachers Sharing ... Reemployment prevention at other education boards: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

"Japan is already an immigrant state" = expansion of acceptance, key to population control - Mizuho Research Institute: current affairs dot com

Viewpoint of 'Gyuzen is Information Leak' Severe Concern for Civilian Control (1 / 2page) by Daily Issue "This is a Coup d'etat!" - Sankei News

Tokorozawa's "Jump-off" teacher's statement of "dismissing officials" signed by parents - Sankei news

Attempted murder: arrested female college student on charges "With tangle of love affection" - Mainichi Newspaper

Arrest the chairman of the council of the police station or the obscene act to girls children | NHK News

"How much breasts have grown up?" Elementary school student arrested for president of police station council for forced indecent assault charge Osaka prefectural police - Sankei WEST

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Video】 Police officers swaying their tails and walking towards their dogs Video of surveillance cameras controversy throughout the US - Livedoor blog

Child of abuse "Temporary Protection Office" Inspection of poor facilities to nationwide survey: Asahi Shimbun Digital

scoop! Why "Before the application of Prime Minister Abe 's Tortoise Special District" why "real culprits" who met Secretariat City with Imabari City at alleged allegations official residence? (1/2) | AERA dot. (Aeradot)

"Colombane high school gun shooting casualty incident where my son became a murderer · Confession of an infamous student's mother" Reality that there are no easy-to-understand causes - HONZ

Why did Yubari city financially collapse? What is the cause? Employment financing etc. by ensuring employment

Abusive charges for girls at 'Awaiting party', arrested man of staff: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Arrival of five men and five women underground banks at a miscellaneous shop on suspicion of illegal remittance: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"People who are walking while watching smartphones are bad" Hyogo Prefectural Police Body per woman at JR Sannomiya Station Arrested a man for injury - Sankei WEST

The reality of the national policy cool Japan, the reality of public funds traversal scheme ignoring the law using public-private funds led by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry | HIRO · Masuda's blog

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【Tragedy】 Someone who can open a bottle filled with hot water closed at an altitude of 2150 m at an altitude of 10 m! "This is difficult" Answers gather → Results! - Togetter Summary

Wild Boar - PAL

Hello. I do not care how cuisine is, but I will describe the ingredients as food ingredients.

About roughly speaking about the socialization meeting done at The Nonfiction, two headed wild boar were sent from the three-year-old Books "Kagomo Road" magazine. Why are you three-year-old book? It has to do with this. There is also a meeting about this

What is the Faculty of Letters useful for? The Osaka University Delegate 's Expression Listens to the Topic - withnews (With News)

Sliers - Overseas reaction: Overseas radio control fans "I went to Japan and have been going around the radio control shop" Overseas reaction to Japanese radio control

Fishermen spill smile with Okinawa · Okubojima "Large catch than last year" smile spill | Okinawa Times + Plus News | Okinawa Times + Plus

[Misery] I am not motivated, I challenged a sexy shop in Thailand

100 yen When making a simple cooler with a uniform material I was surprised and amazed surprisingly "I was worrying" "Can you use it for a cat?" - Togetter Summary

Who is buying the eel ... searching for eel purchase propensity (Fudan Ryozo) - Individual - Yahoo! News

The worst crooker ever sold a country of lies, 270 people settling death | National Geographic Japan version site

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
In Nginx, a mirror module to duplicate requests was installed as standard - ASnoKaze blog

Reason why housewife updates Droodoro's "infidelity stagram". The actual state of "the world of key locks" spreading in the instant, and the war of the instructing housewife "There is mounting" | Application Marketing Institute

I want you to prosper in 'Media not optimized for Google': Noble castle

The crisis of bit coin division What happens on August 1 (Kusunomi) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Originally, probably not for revenge pornography purposes. Because it is an exposure diary in private mode. - abyss

I asked if blog revenue is included in "side job" - Yuzurimu

【Important Request to Customers】 Request for Cooperation for Battery Replacement / Voluntary Collection of "UPQ Phone A 01X" | UPQ Corporation (UPQ)

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Image】 alleged suspicion of" Nintendo Switch winning number "at multiple BIC camera stores - livedoor blog

Animation Questionnaire: "Different world eateries" the leading role is cooking meal scenes are action scenes - MANTANWEB (MANTAN web)

"I want to be in love even in two diseases of the movies! - Take On Me-" special bulletin 2 - YouTube

"Mr. Taste child Blu-ray BOX" SD / HD comparison video PV - YouTube

About participating in comic market 92 | Cute free material collection

"Child ★ Planet" author Kentaro Takekuma is incomprehensible in "less city of courage" "It was plagiarism rather than authorization" "Togetter Summary"

One month has passed since the cousin who was the manager of a major tavern chain store died from overworking | One-tenths

From Saran wrap to VR. "Large Godzilla Special Effects Kingdom KAGOSHIMA" Report - Jigo Watt Report

It's cool! Series 5 anniversary commemoration site

It's cool! Series 5th Anniversary ☆ TV Anime Aikatsu Stars! × A cutlet! Collaboration PV - YouTube

Notice of "Idol Incident" service termination | HarvesT | BBB Co., Ltd.

It is this application that you have been patronized, but it was decided that we will terminate the service at 15:00 on July 31, 2017 (Monday).

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Your name is El Cantare "Your Gaze" - Bakery shop blog

A blank area of ​​the law, improving the working environment of celebrities and athletes waiting for unfair contracts Fair committee and application of antitrust law also view (1/4 page) - Sankei news

U-zhaan × ring ROY × settlement DOPENESS / nya feat. Yano Akiko - YouTube

Successfully received brain surgery while playing Indian guitar | NHK News
Probably kore →Functional neurosurgery dystonia (such as cramping) | Tokyo Women's Medical University Department of Neurosurgery

"Funnel of Jump" in the shade behind the continuation of active business at the department store: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Hydrogen as a fuel for the torch" Advances in research and development by major corporate group | NHK News

None None None gold: Hotels ... high school overall is the first ever stop crisis under the influence of the Tokyo Olympics (1/3 page) - Sports - SANSPO.COM (Sansupo)

Shingo Ringo thinks Tokyo honorable hospitality Tokyo Olympics: Asahi Shimbun Digital

In Naoko Nozawa was despair been confronted by a difference of overwhelming talent "met Once in a dream" - the flight distance of laughter

Will Smith starring action super gigantic "Bright" trailer - YouTube

"Stranger Things Unknown World" Season 2 Trailer - YouTube

Netflix original series "Star Trek: Discovery" trailer - YouTube

NY 's justice was entrusted to these four people! "Marvel The Defenders" New Trailer - YouTube

Yakult Sugiura and Nippon Ham Yoriani Trade established: Nanjei Stadium @ N J Summary

Hiroshima fans start buying Nagoya Dome tickets: Nanjei Stadium @ N J Summary

62: Wind blowing if nothing 2017/07/24 (Monday) 16: 13: 41.28 ID: BVNl83zKK
From the team that is having a hard time handling tickets in sales activities,
I'm so glad that tears come out

Baseball cats ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0

Amader's results in July wwwwww: Nikkan Yakiniku bulletin @ Baseball summary

7: Mr. Nanashi @ Opun 2017/07/23 (Sun) 20: 21: 18 ID: edv
Wheeler is bad and Peguel hits
Amagura strikes with Pegelo's upset
Wheeler strikes with Amada's failure

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【PDF file】"Popular limited-time products become more delicious and re-appear! Refreshing acidity and pungent taste" Kameda's persimmon seed yuzu pepper taste "will be sold."

"Meisei Chalera Cup Shit Shirasu Miso" "Mingishu Chalera Cup Barikita Pork Bone" (released on September 4)

"Nissin-baked syrup cheese and black pepper" (released on August 7) ​​| Nissin Food Group

"Nissin no Tado Noodle" "Nissin no Kumo Noodle" (released on August 7) ​​| Nissin Food Group

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