An interactive tool that can intuitively understand the enormity of "Larsen C ice shelf" with a total weight of 1 trillion ton separated from Antarctica

From "Lashen ice shelves" existing on the east coast of the Antarctic Peninsula in July 2017"Larsen C shelf ice" which is also seen as a total weight of 1 trillion ton is finally separatedIt was confirmed that it flowed out to the sea. Its area is comparable to the size of one Delaware state in the US, but tools that can be realized by displaying on the map are easy to understand and its size is easy to understand.

So groß ist der Eisberg im Vergleich zu Ihrer Stadt

How big is the Larsen C iceberg compared to your town? This tool will show you

The site with the German name meaning "This is the size of the iceberg compared to your city" was published by the Berlin newspaper "Berliner Morgenpost". When you open the page, a thin red vertical and vertical area is written next to Berlin City, but this indicates the size of Larsen C shelf ice. Although the size of Berlin City is not very familiar, it can be felt that it is a huge iceberg for the time being.

The good part of this map is in the place where you can move the iceberg and compare the size with the land around the world. It is about this size when I am on New York's Manhattan Island. But, as it is difficult to understand "where is Manhattan island?" Further expansion ...

This level. Larsen C ice shelves are so big that only a few of them are displayed on the map.

It is this size when you put it in the vicinity of Tokyo. You should be able to feel that size considerably.

By the way, the displayed map isMercator projectionSo the closer the Antarctic and the North Pole is, the larger the area is displayed than the actual size, but the size of the Larsen C shelf ice also expands / contracts accordingly, so accurate comparison is possible.

It has almost the same length as the Kii Peninsula, and it is understood that it is length enough to completely cover Osaka bay and Kii Channel.

It is like this when put on Kyushu. If you live in this area, you surely feel the size.

Besides this, it is possible to compare the size by moving Larsen C shelf ice to various regions around the world at the following site.

So groß ist der Eisberg im Vergleich zu Ihrer Stadt

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