Successfully storing data of GIF animation in DNA with gene editing technology "CRISPR"

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The latest gene editing technology "CRISPR-Cas systemBy using "GIF animation data in the DNA of living organisms, the attempt to retrieve it again and succeeded was successful. I do not know exactly what I am just asking, and what I do not know, but by applying this technique my cell will store my own data in the body and if there is something It seems to be possible to take out and analyze.

CRISPR-Cas encoding of a digital movie into the genomes of a population of living bacteria: Nature: Nature Research

Scientists Upload a Galloping Horse GIF Into Bacteria With Crispr | WIRED

This research was conducted by Harvard's research team, and the paper is published in the scientific journal "Nature". The research team succeeded in embedding data in part of the DNA base sequence by manipulating the Escherichia coli genes that can perform genetic manipulation relatively easily using CRISPR - Cas. The data used at this time was a GIF animation containing the appearance of a horse carrying a person, but after that the research team succeeded in reproducing the data again from the DNA again.

That data is kore. The image on the left is the original image and the image on the right is extracted from the DNA of E. coli, but you can see that the contents of the data are left in almost complete form. The recall rate of the data reaches about 90%.

Successful examples of embedding information in DNA existed so far, but this is the first case that we could embed information in the DNA of living organisms, and this is the case It is said that it will have significant meaning for future technology development.

It is confirmed that information can be embedded in the DNA of living cells, and in the future it will be a way to accumulate information in DNA, a way to use completely new DNA. Dr. Jeff Nivala, one of the coauthor of the paper, named the attempt to save data to DNA "cell ticker tape", in comparison to the paper data storage media "Ticker tape" once used It is.

By using this method, it is possible to record the data on the cells of the living beings who are actually living, and to make it available for analysis when something big changes occur. It is also thought that it is possible to detect a movement causing a disease among cells and to take measures at a very early stage. Or it may be possible to create a service that could not be thought of so far, to save your memories and important pictures in your DNA.

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