Was Bitcoin's price rise resurrection of "hobby mining"?

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In February 2017,The virtual currency "Bitcoin (bit coin)" is updated for the first time in three yearsDid. At this time, the transaction price of bit coin exceeded $ 1170 (about 130,000 yen), but it rose to nearly 3000 dollars (about 340,000 yen) in June. Although it is somewhat settled now, it still keeps its momentum at $ 2384.55 (about 272,200 yen) at 10 o'clock on July 11, 2017 which created the article. Thanks to this price rise, we are opening the possibility of "mining of hobbies" which was thought to be no longer earnable.

Bitcoin's Price Surge is Making Hobby Mining Profitable Again - CoinDesk

One person who showed the possibility developed an EMV specification smart cardSoliSYSTEMS CorpPresident of Roque Solis.

Mr. Solis, who knows about the existence of bit coins, started mining to ascertain whether this technology can be used even at its own company, as bit coins are on topic. I purchased the hardware I used on eBayBitmain Antminer S 9. The price was $ 2400 (about 270,000 yen), Mr. Solis planned to collect the investment over a year. This is an estimate made from the fact that the bit coin price was about 1200 dollars (about 130,000 yen) at the beginning of mining.

However, while Mr. Solis actually mined 1.01 BTC, the price of bit coin rose to 2584 dollars (about 295,000 yen). Thanks, Mr. Solis was able to recover the investment in about five months. Previously, the bit coin obtained by mining was 7 dollars a day (about 800 yen), but now it has increased to $ 16 a day (about 1830 yen).

When the bit coin was the existence of "knowing people", there were many people mining individuals like Mr. Solis, but in 2013 when it became "known to some extent" it was organized A mining group appeared here and there. There was also a case where a dedicated cooling facility was set up in a building in which machines mining machines were arranged side by side, and it became a situation where it was impossible to compare by individual mining any longer.

A water cooling system using the entire building has appeared at Bitcoin's mining facility - GIGAZINE

Shawn Walsh of Redwood City Ventures, who is engaged in consulting and investing in bit coins, like Mr. Solis, with the income and expenses in mind for those who are about to enter mining I am sending advice that it is important to keep down on expenses.

The price of bit coins has been in a state of not falling below approximately 2,300 dollars (about 263,000 yen) after recording the price of about 3000 dollars (about 340,000 yen) in June 2017, but as this continues Also note that not limited points.

By the way, Mr. Solis follows the bit coin,Ethereum(Ethicalam)We are planning to mining

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