SMART bed "SMARTDUVET" which automatically prepares beds of chickens automatically and makes "bed make" a thing of the past

byJohn Jeddore

In the morning without time I will go out without preparing a bed. Therefore, a technology called "beds prepare themselves for themselves" was developed so that even a busy person can always maintain a bed-made state. "SMARTDUVET'Smart bed' in November 2016 after being successfully attracted by Kickstarter of the Cloud Funding platform and successfully gathering superb financing, now the function of "Keep different temperature on the right side and the left side of one bed" We are developing.

SMARTDUVET: The self-making bed is here! By SMARTDUVET - Kickstarter

Smartduvet - SMARTDUVET

SMARTDUVET is the following terminal equipped with electronic board and blower ......

It is a set of grid-like sheets with air in it.

The latticed sheet is made of "very light and thin material of the space age", and it is said that it is excellent in breathability.

You can see how to use SMARTDUVET and details from the following movie.

A man who gets up in the morning to get out of bed.

The bed disturbed and messy is intact.

People who work or students who want to learn do not have enough time to prepare their beds, and there are many people who forgot about bed makeup after a while.

Some people have difficulty making bedding due to physical problems.

"SMARTDUVET" is my own way to do "bed make" which is troublesome for such people. A futon left untouched ... ...

It will slowly return to its original form.

At the end the bed was made perfectly.

This is because the grid-like framework "SMARTDUVET" under the sheet has the shape memory nature.

Easy to use, just specify the bed makeup time with the application. Since time can be set for each day of the week, it can be set as "Weekdays at 7:30, holidays at 9:30 pm".

After setting the time, you just press the button "MAKE BED".

In addition, SMARTDUVET is also superior in that it can be used in conjunction with the futon I am currently using.

Easy to work, just insert your own duvet and SMARTDUVET into the sheet cover you are using now.

The installation system was developed independently, and SMARTDUVET and cover are attached by round parts.

Like this, the cover firmly joins SMARTDUVET ... ...

Pull out parts ......

Hole etc are not available.

Taking out only the parts and seeing it has become a mechanism to fix the sheet with rubber to round parts with the following feeling.

In addition, the seat can be inflated with air by connecting it to the back of the terminal.

SMARTDUVET is a cloud-funding platformKickstarterThe investment was recruited, and it gathered more than 40,000 dollars (about 4.5 million yen) exceeding the target amount of 30,000 dollars (about 3.3 million yen) and commercialized it. And at the time of writing the article further developed technology, this time developed to be able to control the temperature separately on the right side and the left side of one bed. Even when cold and hot we sleep in one bed, we can keep our own warmth.

For SMARTDUVET version 2Cloud Funding platform IndiegogoInvestment is being recruited at. It is already popular enough to gather more than 14 million yen, which is 647% of the target amount, when we left 24 days until the contribution deadline.

SMARTDUVET BREEZE Dual-Zone Temp Self-Making Bed | Indiegogo

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