"Space school" developers get higher than "tab school"


Although it has long been discussed whether to press "tab" or "space" when indenting (indenting) by programming among developers, According to Stack Overflow's analysis, "space" The result is that developers are getting more salaries than the "tabs" developers.

Developers Who Use Spaces Make More Money Than Those Who Use Tabs - Stack Overflow Blog

Stack Overflow conducted a questionnaire "Which of the tabs and spaces are used in programming?" And received responses from 28,857 professional developers. A professional developer is an incumbent developer who does not include students or former developers. As a result of the questionnaire, it turned out that the percentage of "tab school" was 40.7%, the proportion of "space school" was 41.8%, and the proportion of "both parties" was 17.5%. The power of the "tab vs space war" that has been in existence has been almost the same, but 12,226 of the respondents have responded their salaries and how "Space school" It turned out that it was paying higher than "tab school".

The middle salary of each salary is Space faction is $ 59,140 (about 6,550,000 yen), the median value of tab salaries is $ 43,750 (about 4,850,000 yen), and about 1.7 million yen An opening exists.

It is like this when charting trends by country. In European countries such as Germany and the UK, the difference between the tabs and the space is small, and in India developers using the space have a remarkably high salary. According to the Stack Overflow Blog, the tendency differs from country to country, so it is expected that different results will be obtained by advanced analysis by statisticians and others considering complex factors. For this analysis only, using spaces instead of tabs will result in a salary increase of 8.6%.

By the way, what kind of thing is going to be done by tab and faction developers is something even drawn in the IT drama "Silicon Valley", so you can see the state from the following movie.

Tabs versus Spaces - YouTube

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