"Design Salary Guide" to understand the average annual income of design work

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What kind of annual income is the person engaged in the design of the world, the portal site of design work · Coroflot gathers information "Design Salary Guide"We publish it as.

Design Salary Guide - by Coroflot

Since 2001 Coroflot has gathered information for design stakeholders and others and wants this guide to be used as a material for wage negotiation or as a source of information when making a team.

Data is compiled by occupation and region. For example, if you are a web designer living in the USA you can see the following page.

Web Designer salaries in United States - Design Salary Guide at Coroflot

Posted at the top of the page is the annual income distribution graph, the red line isQuartileIt is attracted to the place. The annual income of the first quartile (25 th percentile) is 48,000 dollars (about 5,420 thousand yen), the median goes to 63 thousand dollars (about 712 thousand yen), the third quartile (the 75 th percentile) To $ 81,000 (about 915 million yen). Looking at the numbers on the right side, we can see that this data is 2261 designers who are collecting salary. There are 437 freelance web designers whose average hourly wage is 39 dollars (about 4400 yen).

Scroll down the screen to narrow down the data by state or city.

In addition, a comprehensive survey result is posted in the lower part. This part is the same in every occupation, and the top shows the relationship between job category and academic background.

Below that shows the relationship between the size of the company and welfare benefits (medical insurance), and the percentage shows the proportion of medical allowance received.

The bottom is the relationship between job type and gender. In the second "architecture & interior" field, 42% of women and 58% of men are less different, but "industrial design" is a ratio of females to 19% for females and 81% for men The difference is large.

Similarly, when you compare various types of occupations, there are differences in surprising places. For the user experience (UX) designer, the median is $ 85,000 (about 9.6 million yen).

User Experience Designer salaries in United States - Design Salary Guide at Coroflot

If it is a graphic designer, the median is $ 46,000 (about 5.2 million yen).

Graphic Designer salaries in United States - Design Salary Guide at Coroflot

Fashion designers have a median value of $ 57,000 (about 6.44 million yen).

Fashion Designer salaries in United States - Design Salary Guide at Coroflot

By region, there are also data of Japan. The median value of all registered Japanese designers is 5 million yen. However, the number of registered persons is 58, and the freelance is nine.

Design salaries in Japan - Design Salary Guide at Coroflot

In terms of occupation, there are 4 art directors, 7 graphic designers, 23 industrial designers, 5 product designers and 4 web designers. In the area, 11 people (7 people + 4 people) in Nagano prefecture and 28 people (16 people + 12 people) in Shinjuku Ward. Since the total does not match, it seems that some people do not enter the area etc.

By the way, if you are watching a lot for reference, you will see a message saying "Please register later." If you are a designer who wants to see more, please click "Add Your Information" and give us information.

Basically, data registration is just a matter of choosing items in the pull-down menu, so it will not take much time.

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