Symptoms called "self-shot attacks" are confirmed by researchers

ByEllen De Vos

Pediatric neurologists reported that they confirmed activities that seemed to cause epileptic seizures in the brain waves of self-shooting girls. Researchers call this symptom "self-shooting seizure"Light hyperesthesiaI think it is one form of.

"Selfie-epilepsy": A novel photosensitivity - Seizure - European Journal of Epilepsy

Taking a "Selfie" Could Trigger Seizure-Like Activity in the Brain, Case Study Suggests | Epilepsy Research UK

According to a pediatric neurologist at the University of Dalhousie in Canada, this symptom was observed when monitoring brain waves of teenage girls who had experienced seizures in the past over the course of 3 days in the laboratory. The state of the girl was recorded in the movie over 3 days, but the girl never caused a seizure within the period, but the researchers discovered that the brain wave was abnormal shape. When I checked the behavior of the girl when I found an abnormality in the brain wave retroactively recorded movie, she seems to have taken self taking with the iPhone. At that time, it seems that the girl was using a flash, but it is unknown whether the flash was a normal form or whether the LED light flashed multiple times to prevent red-eye.

It seems that girls experienced seizures in the past in the time they were dancing at school, but due to brain wave abnormalities that occurred in the laboratory researchers said that the light of the strobe was the cause of the attack I'm watching it. In addition to this, the girl also reports on experiences such as arms bouncing unconsciously when seeing the sunlight, experiences such as getting conscious at school.

From these information researchers concluded that the girl is more likely to show a hypersensitivity reaction. Perform an abnormal reaction to light stimulusLight hyperesthesiaHas already been recorded in the 1800s, and it is known that children who saw the sun have caused seizures. In addition to sunlight, abnormal reactions occur due to video games, flash, flashing light, and in Japan, viewers of animation "Pocket Monsters" caused seizuresPokemon Shock"Is well known. In this report, it was shown that light hypersensitivity seizure can occur even on self-taking with smartphone.

ByEirik Newth

However, this report is only about one girl, researchers have indicated that further research is needed to say that "self-taking is a trigger for people with photosensitivity" I will. Meanwhile, Joseph Sullivan, a researcher who did not participate in the research, commented, "It is no wonder that self-shooting creates a waveform like an attack on the brain waves," according to the results of this research .

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