Leak information when quad CPU & 6 TB memory support "Windows 10 Pro for Workstation" edition is released for large capacity data processing

From the build of Windows 10 incorrectly released by Microsoft to the tester, the new version "Windows 10 Pro for Workstation"Version was discovered. The Windows 10 Pro for Workstation Edition is considered to be an enterprise version with four new features.

Microsoft leak reveals new Windows 10 Workstation edition for power users - The Verge

In the Windows 10 build incorrectly released by Microsoft, the fact that there is a reference to "Windows 10 Pro for Workstation"AndItsTitoWithGrand MofongoHas found and tweeted.

According to this found description, the following four functions are added to Windows 10 Pro for Workstation.

◆ Workstation mode
Microsoft has added "Workstation mode" which is specially optimized for high performance and graphic performance demanding devices. Workstation mode will provide high performance and reliability.

◆ ReFS file system
In Windows 10 Pro for Workstation, ReFS of the successor file system of NTFS is adopted. ReFS is a file system adopted also in Windows Server 2012, and it seems that usage method supporting large capacity storage is supposed by improving fault tolerance.

◆ High-speed file transfer system
Windows 10 Pro for Workstation, which is supposed to handle large-capacity files, supports the SMBDirect protocol, so that when accessing a shared network, even when not loading the CPU, it can handle files with high throughput and low latency Sharing is enabled.

◆ Extended hardware support
Windows 10 Pro for Workstation supports 4 CPUs and memory up to 6 TB. Windows 10 Pro for Workstation can be used for applications seeking higher performance than Windows 10 Pro supports only dual CPUs.

If this leak information is correct, it seems that Windows 10 Pro for Workstation will appear as a version of Windows 10 optimized for work that handles a large amount of data every day.

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