What is necessary to choose a healthier menu even a little when on an empty stomach?


There are many people who went to a supermarket on an empty stomach to purchase food that can not be eaten at all or purchased a mountain junk food as desire. Therefore, researchers in the Netherlands have released "Tips to be able to do healthy shopping even on an empty stomach" as found from psychological experiments.

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Shopping Hungry? Psychology Trick Could Stifle Bad Food Choices

Professor Tracy Cheung who leads the research at this time studies psychology at Utrecht University. Issued on May 11, 2017AppetiteAccording to the paper published in psychology, if you use psychology, you can use "to buy food impulsively" on an empty stomach for "choice of healthy food".

Cheung and his colleagues first, people at the time of "hungryHeuristicIt tends to make a decision by "It made a hypothesis. Although heuristics are thoughts to solve problems rationally and short-circuited, it is not necessarily the case that correct answers are guided because of bias in the results, but it is characterized by "short time to judgment" . If a person on an empty stomach makes a decision making an emphasis on "short time to judgment"By shortening the time to choose a healthy choice, people will be more likely to choose healthy foodThat's why.

The experiment used in "Social proofHeuristic '. This means that the fact that most people agree and have credibility is a heuristic.

Two experiments were conducted in the study. The first one is to ask about 200 subjects to answer questions online. The subjects were asked "Please tell me how hungry is now at seven levels" and then asked them to have their favorite food selected from among the six combinations of foods displayed in front of you about. At this time, each food was healthy like a salad and something that was not healthy like fast food. And in half of the subjects, under the 6 pairs of foods, the words "The respondents selected so far as" healthy food "were displayed. In this experiment, the relation between "self-reported hunger level" and "self-control" was examined, whereas those who are not hungry can choose healthy foods moderately, compared with those who are hungry, self-control is likely to be lost It was said that the result was shown. It also showed that social heuristics are affecting the choice of food.

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In addition, the second experiment was actually conducted in the real world for hungry subjects. Researchers headed to the cafeteria and asked people who are about to eat and those who have already finished their meals to see some combination of foods and choose food as in the first experiment. At this time, as in the first experiment, half of the subjects displayed food with "Healthy food selected by the subjects" on the chart.

Then, in the second experiment, too, the probability that a person who is hungry is more likely to choose "healthy food" than people after eating is clearly lower. However, subjects who saw charts showing "healthy options" had a higher rate of choosing healthy foods. From this, researchers conclude that social heuristics have the power to change the choice of foods chosen by humans on an empty stomach.

"The impulsive behavior of bringing back a large amount of food is due to the experience of hunger pain, which itself is not always bad," Professor Cheung said. Even if you are on an empty stomach, even if you are on an empty stomach, fresh fruits are placed next to shops and cashiers that will guide people to the fresh food department, such as "A place that recommends healthy food" He said that he can not choose healthy food. Conversely, when you are hungry, you probably can say that you should not go to the environment where there is only junk food.


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