ARM introduces new CPU "Cortex-A75 / A55" corresponding to AI, VR, MR and "Mali-G72" new GPU

ARM acquired by Softbank in July 2016 is May 29, 2017,DynamIQ technologyBased on the new CPU processor "Cortex-A 75"When"Cortex-A 55"And the new GPU"Mali - G 72We announced.

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The Cortex - A 75 released this time is a processor that is an evolution version of Cortex - A 73, which was announced in 2016, while improving single - thread performance while maintaining high efficiency. When operated at the same frequency, the performance is improved by 20% or more compared with the previous generation core, and operation at the maximum clock frequency 3 GHz is enabled.

One Cortex-A 55 was developed as "the most versatile high-efficiency processor in the world", achieving 15% power efficiency while improving the performance by 18% with the previous generation Cortex-A 53 ratio It is said that. In addition, it provides doubled memory performance and more than 10 times scalability. Especially this model is developed as a processor suitable for devices related to IoT (Internet's Internet).

These cores are based on ARM's first adoption of "DynamIQ" technologyDynamIQ big.LITTLETechnology aimed at being used as an "appropriate processor for an appropriate task" that improves overall power consumption and efficiency by changing commands and controls according to applications and system tasks It is. Furthermore, these processors are supposed to correspond also to machine learning and VR, and it is particularly effective when high speed response such as use in automatic driving car is required.

In addition, the Mali-G72, a new graphics processor, is a GPU developed for high performance products, which will be Bifrost-based second-generation processors. It is designed from scratch for high-quality mobile game with high power consumption, and it is aimed at providing advanced mobile VR and game. The chip is also optimized for machine learning.

Each processor announced this time will be shipped from the beginning of 2018.

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