A model visualizing the state that radio waves invisible to the eyes are emitted from the antenna by 3D printing

The radio waves that we use everyday on TV, radio, and now Wi - Fi etc, can not live without this without human beings, but I feel that existence because it can not be seen at all in human eyes There is nothing you can do. Models that visualize such radio waves using 3D printers are on sale.

Ye Olde Engineering Shoppe by aloishis89 - Shapeways Shops

How the actual model looks is introduced in the following movie.

3D printed radiation patterns - YouTube

As an example of the antenna, a horn type opening is providedHorn antennaThe real thing is prepared.

And this model visualized the strength of radio waves radiated from this antenna. The red part is the model that shows that the radio waves are strong. Although it is said that the scale of the actual antenna and radio wave model is not equal, the image from which the radio wave is radiated from the horn antenna like this looks well transmitted. It is interesting that there are bulges and dents in some places.

This apple-like model is the antenna with the simplest structureDipole antennaThe state of radio waves emitted from. You can see that it has "omnidirectional" performance in which radio waves are radiated in all directions of 360 degrees. On the other hand, it can be realized that the above-mentioned horn antenna has strong "directivity".

This model with the same spherical shape but green at one end imitates radio waves from a planar antenna (Inset Fed Patch Antenna). The antenna is placed so that the green part is in contact with the plane, and radio waves are emitted omnidirectionally towards the open surface.

Radio waves of the higher order mode antenna look like this. You can see that the unevenness is becoming intense.

In Shapeways' online shop, these four models are sold at a price of $ 10 to $ 13 (about 1100 to 1450 yen).

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