"Nintendo Switch version" Monster Hunter Double Cross "is released

The Nintendo Switch version of "Nintendo 3DS game" Monster Hunter Double Cross "released on March 18, 2017"Monster Hunter Double Cross Nintendo Switch Ver."Has been decided to be released, the official website is open.

CAPCOM: Monster Hunter Double Cross Nintendo Switch Ver. Official Site

Monster Hunter Double Cross's official Twitter account is also announced tweet.

Details are not announced, but it will be held on Saturday, May 27, 2017Monster Hunter Summit tournament 2017It is said that details will be revealed at the Sapporo Tournament.

The state of the Sapporo Games of Monster Hunter Top Convention 2017 will be distributed live on YouTube and can be viewed from the following.

Monster Hunter Summit Competition 2017 Sapporo District Conference - YouTube

The same eventFRESHBut it is a live delivery plan.

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