That "Fallout 4" that received a high reputation as a free open-world RPG with a term is playable

The story's open world RPG that the hero who woke up after 210 years by Cold Sleep to avoid the crisis of nuclear war will get down to the town of 2287 completely changed in nuclear war "Fallout 4"Is free for free for a limited time. The target is the PC version (Steam) and the Xbox One version, both free versions are already free to play.

Fallout 4 - Xbox & amp; Steam Free Weekend |

You can tell what kind of game Fallout 4 is by looking at the following official trailer.

Fallout 4 - Xbox & Steam Free Weekend Gameplay Trailer - YouTube

◆ Xbox One Edition
The free playable time of "Xbox One version Fallout 4" is from 0:00 am on May 25, 2017, 11:59 pm on May 28, 2017 (May 25, 2017 in Japan time (Thursday) 5:01 PM until May 29, 2017 (Monday 4:59 PM)).

However, you need to join "Xbox Live Gold" to play free.

Monthly usage fee is 100 yen (tax included) the first month, and 842 yen (tax included) per month since the following month.

Click "Coupon" on the store page → "Fallout 4" in that order.

Click "Install" and OK. Also, a discount campaign in which the download version is 67% off at the same timing was also done, and the regular price 8618 yen was the discount price of 2844 yen.

◆ Steam version
The free playable time of "Steam version Fallout 4" using PC is 10:00 am on May 25, 2017 May 1 at 1 pm on May 28, 2017 (May 26, 2017 in Japan time Fri) From 3 am to 6 pm on May 29 th, 2017 (Monday).

Launch the Steam application and click the special "Fallout 4".

If you click "game play" OK. Also, for a limited time, the Steam version also offers a discount campaign of 67% off, with the regular price of 7980 yen being the discount price of 2633 yen.

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