"Good ideas are born in concentration and absence of narrow spaces", and three ways to boost creative thinking?

ByFaith Goble

Those who are stuck at work may think that "I must work more and concentrate more", but creative ideas are not born even if they are busy, rather they are born in the upper sky or relaxing There are several research results indicating that it is.

Happiness project shows the biggest obstacle to creativity is being too busy - Quartz

Jonathan Sculler of the Faculty of Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara said that there is a tendency for creative forces to be exerted when "the mind is wandering" than when concentrating on a taskresearch resultHas been announced. "My heart wanders" refers to the state of being idly fancy or not concentrating.

Actually, some great episodes that can feel this tendency are known even for great men who have a name in history. For example,Nicolas · TeslaThe insight into the "circulating magnetic field" leading to the mechanism of modern alternating current was obtained after I was sick in the middle of traveling Budapest in 1881, the physical condition came back and took a walk on the beach in the evening It is said that it was when it was. Organic chemist in the 19th centuryAugusto KeureBecause I saw a dayday dream that "snakes eat their own tail and are in a ring shape"benzeneI noticed the annular structure of. Theoretical physicistAlbert EinsteinHe was writing Mozart 's music when tackling a complicated problem.

"The Happiness Track"Emma Separa, author of the book, thought that this is a way to create creativity by switching between two thinking modes" tasks with less intellectual demand "and" tasks requiring concentration ".

However, many modern people point out "there is no time to make the brain lazy" to demonstrate such creativity, Mr. Separa points out. During my working hours, my brain does not break, as the brain does not break, as it is a lifestyle like concentrating on work, getting a break from it and taking a break while watching smartphone or looking at Netflix for the rest of the holiday We will continue to do, "I will wander around my heart" and I can not demonstrate creative creativity. So Separa propose "three ways to boost creative thinking" based on several research results.

◆ 1: Take a habit of taking a walk without having a phone
A British writer who produced several excellent worksCharles DickensYaJ · R · R · TolkienIt is known that there was a habit of taking a walk every day. I experimented the effect of the walk in 2014research result(PDF file)People who have a habit of walking every day do not score high evaluations in tests that measure creative thinking more than those who do not, and people walking outdoors every day are more creative than those who used walking machines everyday He seems to have thought of an imaginative analogy. Walking a bit without putting out any smartphone every day will help you get a good idea by emptying your head.


◆ 2: Get out of a comfortable space
Rather than focusing on just your field of specialty, learning new skills and starting new studies leads to better creative thinking. Traveling to places you have never been before, including having interactions with people different from your industry.Research in 2012Shows that diversifying your own experience will broaden your mind and help you come up with innovative solutions.


◆ 3: Play even if you become an adult
Dogs and cats grow with toys and play with toys, but "Play"The human being is the only mammal that will not play in adulthood" said Mr. Stewart Brown, author of "Play (Play)". On the other hand,Psychology research in 2004"Playing" enhances positive feelings and shows that you can become more creative as well as become happy feelings. Instead of refraining from saying "Because it is an adult", you may wish to have some time to play with Frisbee with your dog, do a twister with your child, get some friends and play futsal .

ByBob Mical

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