The world's first challenge, "Drone jump from altitude 330 meters" succeeds

Human beings hanging on drone with multiple propellers, the world's first attempt to jump from the height of 330 meters above the ground to the ground was done and it was successfully completed.

The Worlds FIRST DRONE JUMP - YouTube

The challenge took place in the area called Lah maa. While using a towering tower, he seemed to lift a man up to 330 meters in height with a drone.

Carrying a drone with 28 rotors ......

It floats on a pond. This drone is also made to take off from the state floating on the water surface.

A man wearing a jumpsuit and a helmet will challenge the deathbed dive.

Take the gondola to the top of the steel tower.

Around the same time, push the switch of the drone ......

Drone took off from the surface of the water.

I will aim for the top of the steel tower to rise.

And from here it is the real point. A human being holds a T-shaped bar suspended from a drone ......

The drone takes off as it is. It seems to have the power to lift lightly if it is about the weight of one human being.

Continue to ascend and reached the start position.

Hands holding the bar ... ...

As soon as I released it, the diver was turned over to the ground.

As the diver was attached to the chest, you can see from the camera image that it was as high as to see the figure of the steel tower under you.

A state from the camera on the ground. I got the bar holding the hand ......

A diver who begins free falls by tremendous effort.

But after a few seconds I succeeded in deploying the parachute I was carrying on my back.

Even after the parachute is opened, you can see that it is at a much higher point than the tower.

Get down slowly in the air as it is ... ...

Successful landing

Diver to raise the joy of joy. It is the first time in the world, "I succeeded in dive from the drone". The cost of this measure of drone seems to be $ 35,000 (about 4 million yen).

This drone was developed by Aerones company based in Latvia. The company plans and develops various solutions that utilize high-power drones.


One example is to use a drone to suspend the victims drifting over the water and rescue them. It shows how you are actually transporting a certain distance by hanging up an adult male.

Aerones Drone Human Rescue - YouTube

Also, it seems that a way of using the fire hose to fly and spray digestive agent from the sky is also developed. It seems that digestive juice can be applied from a higher point than the conventional ladder car.

Aerones Firefighting Drone - YouTube

Furthermore, how to use for leisure. In the following movie, you can see that you are pulling four ski borders with one drone. By the way, in current battery performance, it is possible to fly for 10 minutes per time.

Droneboarding: when hi-tech meets winter sports - YouTube

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