4K movies that fly around the water freely with Jet Pack like an American comedy hero

Fly in the sky with a shackle rocket pack installedRochetia"Like a hero like a hero, a live human wearing a backpack type jet pack fly over the water 4K movie"JetPack! Rocketeer in Real Life! - 4K"Has been released.

JetPack! Rocketeer in Real Life! - 4K - YouTube

A man with a huge box as big as a suitcase appeared, and the same countdown as before rocket launch is being read aloud. This huge boxJetPack AviationIt is a jet pack "JB - 10" developed by.

Jetpack was ignited in accordance with the narration "Start Ignition Sequence", and flames appear like a burner.

The pilot clasped the steering wheel and had a serious face.

When "3 ...... 2 ...... 1 ... ..." and the countdown was told, men began to emerge.

The jet pack seemed to be able to manipulate altitude and direction with handles on both hands, after directing the body to the photographing drone who is going afterwards, it flew back and flew away.

The pilot in flight is like this, the foot is dangling.

While looking at the spinning spinning while hovering, you can see that it is a jet pack that allows quite easy and smooth movement.

Speed ​​is also fairly fast, flying at the same speed as the boat.

Because it flying with the intense exhaust of jet pack, the water surface is waving wildly when seeing from the top. It can fly at speeds of over 100 miles per hour (160 km / h), and the altitude can be raised to over 10,000 feet.

A shot of a miracle that humans and birds fly in parallel. It is a bit hard to understand, but birds are flying to the left of the pilot.

It also has a rainbow due to splashing of exhaust.

From the viewpoint of the camera installed above the pilot's head, you can see how the handles held by both hands are being manipulated.

The handle on the right was a display showing the remaining battery level and flight speed. It increases and decreases depending on the weight of the pilot, but the possible flight time is about 10 minutes.

A pilot who flew freely around the lake returned to the starting point ......

Land and landing as it is. It is a movie that you can witness that items that were only SF movies or manga are realized really.

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