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The collaboration model "Telemaster" Ace "of the guitar magazine magazine and guitar maker's fender, and Yodiro Noda who is the guitar Vo of the popular rock band" RADWIMPS "known for the theme song of the movie" Kim's Name "is limited 45 It will be released in books.

Fender Telemaster Ace Yodaro Noda (RADWIMPS) × Fender × Guitar · Magazine Special Collaborate Model | Rittor Music

This guitar used luxuriously the rare timber "Honduras · mahogany", it has a shape of the fender · telemaster that he uses and is finished with lacquer paint.

Mount Seymour · Duncan "SP90" for the front pickup, "Twisted Tele" made by Fender Custom Shop for the rear pickup. The compatibility with the body which used Honduras · mahogany luxuriously is also battle, it is said to play a wonderful telecaster tone with glossy and elasticity tone and edge. Also, at the mix position of the front and the rear, it produces a thick and brilliant tone.

A saddle attached to a press bridge that feels like a telecaster is a 3-way brass saddle that can be adjusted in an octave, while eliminating the instability of string deletion and pitch that is often seen in jazz master, while the gorgeous peculiarity of a telecaster He added that he would add some reverberation.

Neck adopts a special D shape that has been machined according to taste based on the feeling Noda has obtained.

This model is limited production of 45 pieces, price is 324,000 yen including tax with exclusive semihard case.DigimartIt is an exclusive sale at.

The main specifications are as follows.

· Body: Honduras · Mahogany (lacquered paint)
· Neck: Honduras · Mahogany
· Fingerboard: Rosewood
· Pick up: Duncan SP 90 (front) & custom shop Twisted Tele (rear)
· Fret: 21 (Medium · Jumbo)
· Hardware: Hot Rod · Vintage · Tele
· Bridge: 3 way · brass · saddle

Also, on June 23rd (Fri) and July 7th (Friday), 2017, a concert will be held in front of Tokyo · Gaienmae, so if you are interested, please check the site.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Hyperloop, ultra-high-speed moving body of 1200 km / h, succeeds in the first outdoor driving test, and real running movies are also released - GIGAZINE

To the IOC committee during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games bid, the existence of a back lot which seems to be a huge bribe is revealed, the name of Dentsu also - GIGAZINE

Disney's first "pirate area" appeared, a movie that I actually tried on a ride of the Pirates of the Caribbean - GIGAZINE

World's first precious 3D rendering movie created by Pixar and Disney President in 1972 - GIGAZINE

An artificial intelligence "Watson" reproduces a strange recipe created, what is its taste? - GIGAZINE

What kind of ingenuity is hidden in the design of Windows 10? - GIGAZINE

"Spurious Correlations" to relieve correlation between unrelated data such as "hanging suicide number" and "expenditure on science, space and technology in the USA" - GIGAZINE

What is necessary for the future of the future game industry, and to survive as a creator? - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)

Painful news (No ∀ `):" I drank 15 non-alcoholic beers "woman (23) crashed into a car with" drunken belt "- Livedoor blog

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Thus "programming" became a compulsory subject for biologists | WIRED.jp

The mainstream of biology is now big data, programming has become an essential skill for biologists. Universities are also aware of this need, but the speed of change is slow. In such circumstances, active researchers are struggling for self-study of programming.

"A person who is not a mathematics department can not distinguish between a mathematical thesis and incoherent sentences" If you examine it with a questionnaire, it will be an interesting result - Togetter Summary

Females increase when eel grows slowly Fisheries agency consigned survey: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Cash safe in doubt locked circumstances suspect internal crime | NHK News

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Consider the Law Improvement of Public Road Rental Cars | Response (Response.jp)

In the city center, etc., businesses are being developed in which tourists drive public roads with rental carts, and usage is increasing mainly around foreign tourists, but multiple accidents have occurred. Under the current law carts are not obliged to wear seat belts and helmets.

Minister Ishii said, "It is necessary for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to take necessary measures after the occurrence of the accident."

Parachute training at defense minister's US military base regretted without prior explanation | NHK News

About 550 billion yen equity investment in SOFTBANK Chinese companies | NHK News

Abe: Speaking "in the first place", the government justified in answer letters - Mainichi Newspaper

Mr. Akie's officials, business trip documents none of "public affairs" should be ... ... Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Muneyuki Shindo Professor Emeritus of Administrative Affairs at Chiba University said, "There is a doubt that public officials are traveling without a travel order without violation of the National Public Service Travel Expenses Act, which makes it impossible for the government official to become a secretary of" private person " Was not it? "

Comfort women's foundation, diversion of Japan diversion Cost of operation by the Korean side: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Internet connection in the city hall got heavier ... ... Privately viewing for several hours, disciplinary action at 60 years old staff - Sankei WEST

Signed Presidential Decree of Presidential Trump election fraud voting survey | NHK News

Trump president said that the number of Democratic Clinton's votes exceeded himself during last presidential elections because millions of illegal immigrants voted fraudulently and this presidential decree is It seems that there is an aim to appeal the justification of the assertion.

However, President Trump has not shown a concrete evidence that there was a fraudulent vote so far, Reporters have also raised questions to question the assertion, and this time, the opposition was rejected by signing the presidential decree There is also the possibility of spreading.

[FT] FBI resignation similar to Watergate incident (Photo = Reuters): Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Arrested reporters who repeatedly asked US Ministers Human rights groups expressed a sense of crisis | NHK News

About the arrest The police said that the reporter asked loudly and made a fuss and tried to break the escort orders many times, but the reporter said, "I did my job to get the answer to the question We are talking.

President Trump, "FBI Secretary before Come is a remarkable desire" | NHK News

Trump President "Red blood of the patriot is flowing to all of us" In the speech of 100th inauguration again to show America's vision - Logmy

CNN.co.jp: US presidential aircraft, inadequate maintenance work of aircraft that had a danger of ignition - (1/2)

The problem occurred in one of the two presidential machines. According to the air force research report released this week, in April last year, oxygen equipment (oxygen supply system in case of emergency) was polluted during maintenance work at a factory in Boeing, San Antonio, Texas.

The reason is that suitably cleaned instruments and parts were not prepared and the procedure was not followed. Instruments and parts used to maintain the oxygen system must be cleaned in a special way so that substances that may react with oxygen do not remain in the equipment.

If pollutants remain in the oxygen system, the risk of explosion and ignition will be high.

Extraordinary loss for the first time in 7 years in Nikon, such as reduction in headcount loss | NHK News

Did you stole a large amount of cash with a cyber attack on the North Korean bank? | NHK News

Died from suspected male escape building died and died | NHK News

A man who was appealed by a woman appealing to a woman as "conducting molestation" in the car in the early days of the 12th, escaped from the station premises. Immediately after this, the man died falling from a nearby building and the Metropolitan Police Department investigated the circumstances at the time, saying there was a possibility of trying to commit suicide whether it fell accidentally.

Hong Kong village approaching the evictionary government, the battle of the villagers protecting the house 9 pictures International News: AFPBB News

"Crow invasion prohibition" warning text, why is the effect Tokyo University's research facility: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
"Motivation" murmuring Yakult got dedicated vending machines, appeared at Haneda Airport | Riding news

When posting "motivation tweet" from special site, QR code will be issued. When this is read by a dedicated vending machine installed at Haneda Airport, dairy products lactic acid bacteria beverage "Yakult drinking every day" is gifts to 800 first-come-first-served daily.

[Video with subtitles] More dangerous than I thought! I will teach you how to escape from a submerged car! - Autoblog Japan version

FDA, contract service for bicycle transport sports cars in a special case

You can deposit a bicycle that can be disassembled / folded. For all routes, accept up to 7 cars per flight. Store the bicycle in a special case prepared by the FDA and deposit it at the airport counter 30 minutes before departure. Lend the special case at the departure place.

The oldest hippopotamus in the country 54 years old Ibaraki | NHK News

KEISUI ART STUDIO | How about the taste of money? "Minki cracker".

It certainly seems to be effective ... When practicing being a medical practice "mistake of right and left mistakes" became almost 0 - Togetter Summary

News Up I'm glad that I am Japanese! Is it? Poster's "Ripple" | NHK News

Who the hell did you make this unidentified poster.

We interviewed because the Internet raised an indication that it is a shrine headquarters that brings together about 80,000 shrines throughout the country.
As a result, the poster was surely made in 2011 by the shrine's headquarters asking the design company.

"In the past I was raising flags at many families on holidays, but now it is getting smaller, respecting the traditions and culture of Japan." In the sense of making it, I tried to enlighten raising the national flag on a public holiday. "

Print about 60,000 sheets and distribute it to the shrine where there was hope. It was that I did not know how much posted it actually.

The fact that the bulletin has increased recently can not be confirmed, it seems that the fact that a person who casually posted it posted, became a topic.

Minobi Kitahara criticizing Moe painting, Mr. Noriko Mori was thrust into the point that he bought Uri specialty boy in the past and received sexual service. - Togetter Summary

"Please help me, I wonder if there is anything but tomorrow's death?" Remembrance of a new graduate who regretted cutting the phone with a boss order - Togetter Summary

An annoying sea urchin, turned into a delicious disposable vegetable? Demonstration experiment for commercialization: Asahi Shimbun Digital

KEISUI ART STUDIO | We found the amount of handcrafted "folk craft made from leaves".

Even at GIGAZINE in 2006 "I tried to eat "nest Mitsu" of natural sweetness that is overflowing - GIGAZINE"That's something I've written for that, so it's pretty stupid.

"Why are not you doing with me? Though it is a Yariman?" A topical doujinshi answering questions raised from virgin. I listened to the secrets of production and the response from virgin

Setting up "no cooling day" with thinking of Nori in the general affairs department, the result of the entire air conditioning stop in the company - Togetter Summary

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
VR adult game "VR canojo" theme Hakkason held decision | Mogura VR - the latest information on domestic and international VR

VR content that can experience the world of Tsutomu Nibori "BLAME!" Announced from May 14th | Mogura VR - latest information on domestic and international VR

Players can experience VR by borrowing from the point of view of the hero / Kirai who wanders around the world of theater animation "BLAME!" By using the controller of HTC vive, not only the viewpoint but also the hands move with the movement of the player and the mist bean as well as both hands, you can shoot the "gravitator radiation emitting device" grasped on the right hand.

"Technical information sharing service for programmers" Qiita makes many articles private in a limited way | Slad YRO

I tried remodeling Rumba so that it can be controlled with ROS using Raspberry Pi (OK without soldering) - karaage.

Chinese start-up companies develop technology to accurately and quickly find lung cancer using artificial intelligence | Slad

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Game impressions / evaluation summary @ 2 ch: Sony E3 announcement contents forecast by overseas media

"Street fighter V" beta test for the new CFN, start today! New addition character Ed also participates in war!! | PlayStation.Blog

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Fernando Alonso holds Indy 500 participation warfare machine after the race 【F1-Gate.com】

Film "Help!" Unpublished images of the Beatles being filmed are discovered for the first time in 50 years - amass

The movie "Let Me Make You a Martyr" Marilyn Manson plays a killer New trailer video released - amass

<2026 World Cup> Asia Frame, the current maximum increased from 5 to 9! FIFA Board Approval: footballnet 【Football Summary】

3: Mr. Nanashi @ I am afraid @ Reprint without permission 2017/05/11 (Thur.) 07: 53: 10.13 ID: D2xw3Y0Q0
Is it serious I'm not a gag

Suita City will publicly invite the naming rights of Gamba Osaka's home base Suita Football Stadium from 1 January next name: Domestica Blog

Panasonic of the parent company and Rot Pharmaceutical of the sponsor are regarded as promising candidates, but other major companies of Suita-shi include the following.

Duskin / Mr. Donut
SNK Playmore
Tutor of the tutor
Oppen cosmetics
Daiko Chemical

◆ Good news ◆ Over 700,000 DAZN subscribers

844: U - Nameless Mr. live comment · \ (^ o ^) / 2017/05/11 (Thu) 22: 14: 0 8.37 ID: 69 zhd + 6 w 0
>> 744
Assuming 700,000 contracts of 1,400 yen this month, 1 billion monthly
Decrease by 12 billion off season in simple year Pull it to 11 billion
It's a great amount but it's far from 21 billion yen a year to J
It's a terrible contract.

Can you tell how many overseas clubs have "Japanese car makers" as breast sponsors? | Football King

The reality of traditional Chinese martial arts lost in 20 seconds to western fighting sports: Nikkei Business Online

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
"Garigari Kimi Rich Rare Cheese Taste" Garigari Kimi Summer Collection held! | Akagiri Milk

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