Tell what you did when Clint Eastwood is about to be bullied at school

Media that handles a wide range from fashion to entertainmentEsquireIn the interview series "Quoted Studios" produced by the movie actor / directorClint EastwoodIn 2009 the writer'sKarl FussmanA movie that animated the contents of the interview received from the public has been released.

Clint Eastwood Dukes It Out - YouTube

"I was taller than most other children in the class," the movie started from the scene where Clint Eastwood talked about his youth.

"At that time I was a shy and not a very aggressive child"

"And my house was moving well". In fact, when Clint Eastwood was a boy, the family seemed to have been in a state of California cities, such as Reading, Sacramento, Pacific Palisades, Auckland and so on.

Therefore, at school it is always treated as a stranger, he said that he was made a fuss about "who is that noppo man?"

Clint Eastwood advises herself about his "bullying problems" that Clint Eastwood boy suffered from such transfers.

How you dealt with Clint Eastwood against a bully, replied in high pressure with "shut up!" ...

It is said that he punched out punches and put a kenri on a fight.

By doing this, at least the partner who got fighting became to show respect and left to leave me.

Besides, Clint Eastwood is a group psychotherapy "Susceptibility training"It is not an action to cope with bullying.

In addition, when I participated in the golf tournament ......

Women say "Clint,Make My DayI also tell you the episode that I flew the plane to show off a banner written as.

"Make My Day" is a prefix of Harry Callahan detective Clint Eastwood played in the Dirty Harry series. Furthermore, after the audience was aware of the banner, the people who came to the golf tournament say that they began to say "Make My Day".

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