"Pictones" which can extract appropriate color palette just by dragging and dropping a favorite image

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When you say "I want to colorize by referring to the photographs on hand but I do not know the color code well", just drag and drop the photo to extract the color palette instantly, and even if there is no photograph on hand, A web tool that picks up randomly and displays the color palette is "Pictones"is.

Pictones | Extract colors from any pictures

To use Pictones just drag and drop the image file OK.

A color palette of colors included in the loaded image was extracted.

When you move the cursor to each color, the color code pops up and it is possible to copy from here.

Pictones also allows you to adjust the color palette. If "Enable fine tune" is checked, the value of "R", "G", "B" can be adjusted with the bar.

You can increase or decrease the number of colors to extract from the "Color quanity" bar.

"Accuracy" is a bar that adjusts color precision, the closer to 1, the darker the color palette as a whole ... ...

The closer to 10 the brighter shades are extracted on the color palette.

In the column of "Syntax" it is possible to switch color codes to "CSS", "SASS", "LESS".

In "Numerical system" you can convert color code from "RGB" to "HEX".

When saying "When there is no good image on hand!" Click "Inspire me!" ... ...

The image can be read at random and you can get a new color palette.

Click "Save Palette" to save the color palette you like

Since you are prompted to register, you can enter your email and password or login with your Google account.

You can save the color palette by logging in and clicking "Save Palette" again.

While logging in, a tab called "Saved Tones" has appeared, and it is possible to display the color palette saved so far.

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