"Kamono Friends" decided to produce a new video, and the final times that Mr. Tatsuki and others of Staff & Cast gather will not be overlooked

Broadcast began in January 2017, and it was decided to produce a new movie of animation "Kagomo Friends" which was broadcasted on TV Tokyo and others last night on March 28th at midnight. Details will be announced later on official website, and official Twitter. In addition, it is decided that the "Last Screening Screening" with a talk show involving the server role Yuka Ozaki, Director Tatsuki and Fukuhara producers will be held.

In addition, we do not mention the development of the last round in the article.

Kemono Friends Project | Official Site

Here is the content of the news release released

"Kamono Friends" is a "bag" where you do not know who you are, along with "serverle" with Friends of Serdel Cat meeting in Savanna (who remained features of the original animal but became human) Works depicting the way we travel through "Japa repark" where we are. Initially we aimed for "japali library" to know what kind of friends the "bag", after traveling to the library the journey continued for a new mystery.

TV animation "Kemono Friends" PV 2nd bullet - YouTube

It is not a project of a single piece of TV animation, but a cartoonist known for such as "Keroro sergeant"Yoshizaki KannonAs a content that made use of characters by the character, media mix was developed and game for smartphone by Nexon started from March 2015, but it is completely free in March 2016, the first anniversary of start, in service in December 2016 Ended.

Notice that the attention at the start of the broadcast with the animation that started with the game end is not high, 17th in "2017 broadcast winter animation program viewing intention total ranking TOP 20" of "eb - i Xpress" distributed by Kadokawa It was (1st place: Blue Exorcist Kyoto Nori Official King). After the start of broadcasting, as one of the most popular "healing animation without existence of painless development" recently it has definitely grasped the fans, at the same time, it seems that it is hidden behind it while being covered with a healing stone skin The unsettling atmosphere also gained fans from another angle, and when the fourth episode was broadcast, it was a firm focused work.

Yoshizaki Kanno participates as a "Yoshizaki Okae" in the retrospective review of the first talk to the eleventh episode which was held at Nico Nico Live Broadcasting. We broadcast a lot of neta exciting a lot of broadcasts, the number of comments reached 2.7 million. "Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica" has surpassed the 1.86 million cases that he had, and it became the first place in history.

The number of rice single friends broadcasting more than 1.7 million, to the first place in history! Mr. Yoshinobu Yoshizaki blasted new settings one after another in a news reporter "Yoshizaki Okai" entered the trend - Togetter Summary

Whether the access was flooded before the last broadcast, the official site is down.

And after the end of the broadcast, Tatsuki released the following images with a message "Thank you!"!

Producer Keiko Fukuhara also shows joy.

And with an official account, I'm happy to say thank you for viewing and "I will make efforts to devise my ingenuity so that I can become a long-loved work in the future".

Although the length of the new movie and the broadcasting and distribution form are still unknown, it is becoming a topic that the last scene contains the letters of "Continuous", and expectations are rising for the second term. Meanwhile, there are voices saying that it may indicate that it will continue to expand to other media mixes, so I'd like to look forward to the official announcement. According to the release, "I would like to see this world a bit more, because my thoughts of all the project staff have been agreed", so that it is the image that I would like to see for the viewers who have seen the work so far There is no mistake.

Images of such friends are also released.

2017/03/29 12: 00 postscript:
On Saturday, April 15th, it was announced that at the Science Museum's Science Hall "Animation" Kimono Friends "Final Missed Screening" will be held.

The contents are the screening of episodes 11 and 12 and the talk show by cast and staff. Cast performers were Yuka Ozaki (serving role), Kana Mamiya (role of Fenneck), Mr. Hayakawa Ono (raccoon role), Masayoshi Sasaki (role of royal penguin), Mr. Nemoto Nemoto (role of Koutei penguin), Ms. Tanimura It is a gentoo penguin role, Ai Aiba (role of Iwatobi penguin), Ms. Tsukiji Tsukuda (role of Humboldt penguin), Director Tatsuki, Keiyo Fukuhara animation producer, Nobuyuki Hosotani TV Tokyo producer.

Tickets are specified at all seats and tax included 3240 yen. Reception is open from 12 o'clock on April 1.


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