A story spinning an unforgettable youth, a director of animation Ryosuke Nakamura × Animator · Mieko Hosako's new project "Yakusoku ~ sunnyrain memories ~" started

Anime movie "targeted school"And TV animation"Grimgar of ashes and fantasiesI worked onRyosuke NakamuraDirector and "Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū"Ash and fantasy Grimgal" "Fate / Grand Order"A new project by Mieko Hosako, an animator known for character design"Yakusoku ~ sunnyrain memories ~"Tissor images, visuals, staff and so on have been lifted.

Yakusoku ~ sunnyrain memories ~

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Tizers video is published on YouTube.

"Yakusoku ~ sunnyrain memories ~" Project Teaser image - YouTube

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Tizar visual is like this. Catch copy is "Born on this island, the sunny day and the rainy day that I have lived on this island"

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Doujin Circle who works mainly with Mr. Nakamura and Mr. Hosoi "Shoen Kobo"A new illustrations collection published on Comic Market 88 in the summer of 2015 is" sunnyrain memories contest ", directed by Nakamura on the blog" A work of TV series (Note: Ash and illusion Grimgal) Next year (note: 2016) will aim for independent imaging of 'sunnyrain memories'. . It is! Although I was spelling as "the picture was made truly.

Shogaku Kobo Matsukaze Studio c 88 & amp; comitia 113 Summer new publication

In this project this time, it was revealed that Novell 1st volume is scheduled to be released from Poni Cook BOOKS in early summer 2017. The author is Director Nakamura, Illustration is handled by Mr. Hosoi. It is unknown at the moment what kind of deployment is waiting elsewhere.

AnimeJapan 2017's Pony Canyon boothSo the talk stage where Ms. Nakamura is going on will be held from 10:30 on March 25 (Saturday) and a talk about "Yakusoku ~ sunnyrain memories ~" will be done. Although the stage event of the Pony Canyon booth is basically to be live broadcast by Nico Nico Live Broadcasting, it is said that there is no delivery schedule only for this talk event, so the person meeting the schedule will definitely go to the site Please give me.

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