Make an automobile a controller for Mario Kart 64 and actually play movies

Mario Kart 64 released as a software for NINTENDO 64 in 1996 still boasts persistent popularity,Reproduce fully automatic operation using Google's machine learning library TensorFlowOr,Analyze play dataAttempts to try the latest technology with Mario Kart 64 can often make noise on the net.Gordon HlavenkaHas challenged a bold challenge of using electric vehicles that are making remarkable progress in recent years as "to use it as a controller of Mario Kart 64", and a movie that allows Mario to travel freely by actually cutting off steering wheel has been released.

Drive a Chevy Volt in Mario Kart! - YouTube

What is exposed at the beginning of the movie, such as a bare board with multiple cables connected to it, is a single board computerRaspberry Pi. It is communication software for automobilesCAN-BUSInstalled, is a self-diagnostic function of the carOBD 2By connecting from the data link connector for, we connect the PC and the car.

The PC is placed behind the handle and you play Mario Kart 64 on the NINTENDO 64 emulator running on this PC. The car used in the movie is a Chevrolet hybrid electric car "Volt"Raspberry Pi detects the movement of Volt's handle, accelerator, etc. and reflects it in the operation on the game.

Initially we are not manipulating the handle etc. especially, Mario Kart 64 on the PC game mode and the character to use will be decided more and more.

At the start of the game, hands were placed on the steering wheel. Running "Luigi Circuit" which is the easiest course in the movie.

I thought that the race started ... ... and it was too early to step on the accelerator and I failed to start dash.

That's why the race starts from billy.

When turning the handle, Mario on the PC screen also turns loosely. However, the operation seems to be quite difficult, so I will continue running and going out of the course.

To use the items you get on the course you can move the wiper OK. After using the dash mushroom, you can see that the car's wiper is moving by looking at the red frame part.

Jumping is also possible with other high beams, as if the arcade version of "Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix DeluxeAs you can taste the feeling as if actually operating on a cart.

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