Google's Artificial Intelligence Division · DeepMind applies medical technology to Bitcoin's "block chain" technology

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The technology of Google's artificial intelligence division "DeepMind" is also applied to cancer treatment, and we are also entering the medical sector. As DeepMind's healthcare department "DeepMind Health"Has also been established, the UK National Health Service (NHS), But criticism is also taking place because of concern that "Google has too much authority over NHS". Therefore, Google is a technology to realize bit coin "Block chainWe are planning a distributed digital ledger system that uses "personal information" in the medical field and is trying to win trust in handling personal information in the medical field.

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DeepMind Health is planning to start a new technology "Verifiable Data Audit" that tracks patient's personal information eventually in 2017 in collaboration with the UK hospital and NHS. Verifiable Data Audit is a digital ledger that encrypts patient's data and automatically records it. By using this technology, partner hospitals can collate without managing necessary patient information individually , It is also possible to detect serious diseases such as "there is a possibility of acute renal failure" based on the collected data.

In building these systems, Google has signed a data sharing agreement with the NHS Foundation 's Royal Free Hospital to allow Google to handle the data of 1.6 million patients over the past five years in real time, I agreed. But,New Scientist"Google's DeepMind accesses data far beyond the content of the contract," criticism was gathered because concern was raised that Google had too much personal information of NHS. Personal information includes details such as patient's HIV infection, overdose of drugs, abortion and so on.

In response to the criticism, DeepMind briefed the patient, explained that data dealt with DeepMind Health is not shared with Google and that data sharing needs patient consent. in additionDeepMind Health's blogExplains that the organization holding the data can not use the patient's record for research purposes without consent.

In dealing with delicate personal information like this, DeepMind says that it is planning to apply the technology "block chain (distributed network)" used for bit coin to the patient's digital ledger. Block chains are not centrally centralized, but systems that risk hedge by spreading data across computers spread all over the world. You can see how the technology is by reading the following article.

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As with the block chain, DeepMind Health's digital ledger record will be dedicated only, it will be impossible for someone to delete it later, and you will be able to verify that there is no tampering by a third party. However, in the decentralized system based on the block chain, in conducting the verification of the digital ledger, the complicated calculation is repeated at all the participants of the system, and the energy usage amount of all the participants is,Republic of CyprusIt will be about the same as the power consumption of. Ben Laurie, director of the DeepMind security department, said that introducing block chains to ensure data security is "incredibly useless".

Therefore, DeepMind insists that there is no need to decentralize all data, but since these systems are under development, it is not yet known how to complete in the end . In the long run, Mr. Mustafa Suleyman co-founder of DeepMind said that it can be expanded so that you can verify where and how the patient was using data, but " As there is concern about safe access in the system, it will take a long time to complete the system. "

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