Fossils discovering the oldest 4.2 billion years ago, the possibility of finding traces of extraterrestrial life on Mars

The oldest fossil of the Earth was discovered, indicating that creatures existed on the earth between 3.7 billion and 4.3 billion years ago at the Nubua Gikku, Supra Cluster, Belt in Quebec province, Canada. I discoveredUniversity College LondonProfessor Dominique Papinault of the fossil found this timeThings that were considered to be the oldest fossils of the earth so farIt is about 300 million years older than it is.

Oldest fossil ever found on Earth dating back 4.2 bn years shows alien life on Mars is likely

Earliest evidence of life on Earth 'found' - BBC News

The World's Oldest Fossils Unearthed in Canada

It is said that the oldest fossil discovered in Quebec, Canada is of marine bacteria that is thinner than human hair and up to 0.5 mm in length. It was thought that it existed in the sea of ​​60 degrees Celsius in the early earth because it existed on the earth of 3.7 billion to 4.3 billion years ago.

Fossils were found in rocks rich in iron and silica. Traces of hydrothermal vents present in the deep seabed have been found where fossils are found. It is still a mystery as to where and when life was born, but there is also a good possibility of being born in the hydrothermal vent in the deep sea. In addition, iron-rich hydrothermal vents are present in the present age, and it seems that iron oxidizing bacteria inhabiting there may be similar to fossil bacteria discovered this time.

The appearance of the fossil is like this, you can see a filamentous structure formed by marine bacteria that eats iron and a red tube.

It was photographed magnifying marine bacteria which is the oldest creature of the earth with a microscope.

This discovery seems to be powerful evidence to support the existence of living things on Mars with atmosphere and ocean similar to the earliest Earth. Matthew Dodd, a member of the research team at University College London, who wrote the paper on the findings said, "Since early Mars and the early Earth are very similar places, We may be able to find the evidence that living things existed on both planets on the planet. "If you look for something similar to the fossil discovered this time on Mars, there is the existence of life forms outside the earth It may be able to show.

In addition, "We know that living beings evolve rapidly on the earth, so if we have liquid water on the planet surfaces of Mars and Earth 4,200 million years ago, If the orifice grows life, it can be expected that life was born early on both planets as well as the earth.It will collect samples on Mars in the future and investigate rocks similar to this fossil, If there is no evidence of existence, we may point out that the Earth is a very exceptional thing. "In the future, we will investigate the rocks of Mars and identify traces of extraterrestrial life forms I am clarifying to explore.

Dr. Dan Brown of the University of Nottingham and Trent University said, "This discovery is very exciting as it shows how fast life forms, if conditions are right, as this is what we know It also shows that if you find an outer planet where life can survive you are immediately likely to find some form of life on that planet The environment in which ancient bacteria flourished is a hot environment It is familiar to us that it is very similar to the hydrothermal vent which is said to be under the ice layer of Europa which is the satellite of Jupiter. "

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