Delivery system of a Ford concept that carries drone with automatic driving car and delivers baggage to the destination

Ford, a leading automaker,Autolivery"We announced a future city plan called" In this concept, a delivery system of the future is proposed, in which the drone carries the baggage carried by the automatic driving car to each household.

Ford wants drones to join forces with self-driving vans for faster deliveries | The Independent

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It is the world's largest mobile phone related technology exhibition held in Barcelona, ​​Spain since February 27, 2017Mobile World CongressAmong them, Ford announced the new future city concept concept "Autolivery". In this concept, "Drone flew away from an automatic driving car and the appearance of luggage delivered to each household" is expressed.

The concept movie of "Autolivery" created by Ford can be seen from the following.

Autolivery - YouTube

Cities of the future

A message arrives under a woman living there.

The message says, "I will arrive home in about an hour! Halapeco!" Is written.

However, the landlord's kitchen has nothing to eat, not even food.

I'll search for a recipe to make something in the meantime. Apparently it seems to make a salad using fennel and orange.

Make sure the ingredients used in this recipe are in the refrigerator.

Apparently there seems to be no fennel and orange in the fridge. However, in the refrigerator, "order with Autolivery" is displayed.

So, I ordered Fennel and Orange at Autolivery.

Then one car that came from nowhere. This is an automatic driving van which is the essential part of Autolivery.

Loading / unloading is possible from the side.

Inside is like this, so humans can not ride with only the space to stock luggage for delivery.

You can open it with the side from the side and deliver a larger baggage.

Furthermore, the roof floated up ... ...

The drone flies from there.

And climb the high-rise building Gungun ... ....

Deliver goods to the designated place.

Even if you do not go to the supermarket, you can get the ingredients you want with haste, so you can act as a cooker to your friends.

Because there is no space for a human deliveryman to board a drone's base van, you will be able to secure more space for luggage loading and drone. In addition, drone can move more quickly than a human deliveryman, especially in high-rise buildings like movies, it is possible to deliver goods to your destination effectively without using elevators. Also, if there is no parking space near the delivery destination, there is an advantage that combination of automatic driving car & drone does not become a big problem.

Designers Ford's "Autolivery" were devised by designers Euishik Bang, James Kuo and Chelsia Lau. "As widely recognized, the most difficult part in the process of delivering goods is the last 15 meters to deliver packages, the demand that" I want you to solve this problem "is expected in the next few years With the economic growth of China and the growing demand for delivery to rural areas accompanying the development of online sales, we will further increase, "the use of net sales will further increase with the future economic growth , We anticipate that demand for delivery services will increase.

UPS, which already provides courier service, has begun testing delivery service using drone. The delivery service under which UPS is testing is "to load a drone on a truck that a man drives and deliver the package to this drone", and Ford's idea of ​​"delivering luggage without a delivery person" is a little Although it is different, there is something very similar to the concept of carrying drone in car and delivering luggage.

UPS of a shipping company started testing to deliver goods to the eaves by skipping a drone from a home delivery truck - GIGAZINE

In addition, Ford is independently developing an automatic driving car, and in the beginning of 2016 it shows the state of the test running of an automatic driving car which automatically runs automatically even in a situation where it is difficult to distinguish road signs and lanes .

Ford conducted a test run of an automatic driving car on a snowy road, and looking forward to joint development with Google - GIGAZINE

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